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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Winners Episode 9 Recap: TikTok Dances, Reveals on the Runway, & a Designing Women Lip Sync


Hey hoez! It’s ya girl Miss Moss! This week's all about the girls doing dance things so let’s get right the fuck to it! Raja and Vivienne are still on a high I love it! Miss Jaida is mad but she was gonna expose the fact that the plunger has no secrets, but she stayed with the shade! For this week's maxi challenge the girls have to use one of RuPaul's songs from the looooooooong collection of Ru music and make a viral dance that’ll stick on the internet! That’s actually super cute idea! Cause we all know you don’t have to actually be a dancer to TikTok. There is 3 weeks left and I’m rooting for Shea! Everyone thinks that there’s a lot more hidden in the challenge but honestly they just need to use a Ru song similar to their brand and make a cute little dance! They’re not that long usually so it should be easy. The girls are mostly in their heads trying to come up with things, but it shouldn’t be that tough!

They’re now explaining the thoughts to Ru so let’s see what she has to say. I love watching them bounce ideas off Rushe literally gives them everything they need to win the episode if they REALLY listen to her. She gave Yvie the best advice so far and she loved everyone’s ideas, as have I! This challenge is going to be wonderful! She was confused by Monet, but then gave her great ideas. I hope she listens! So we start filming and it’s immediately a cluster fuck! Seeing these little clips I feel like they’re just showing us the bloopers from the takes.

Shea's is called “the SHEAk down".
Trinity is doing something with tucking.
Raja was giving me Ariana grandma.
Jaida wants to give lazy diva fish.
Monet is relying on personality.
Jinkx is making sandwiches...
Yvie is being oddly.
And Vivienne is giving me a Viveo.

Our guest this week is Ben Platt from Dear Evan Hansen.

Category for the runway is “What Lies Beneath” and it's all about reveals.
Shea: Goddess in blue!
Vivienne: That gown is insane!
Raja: Love all the colors!
Yvie: Confused.
JinKx: Oh wow!! That was a dope reveal!!
Monet: Love the story!!
Trinity: The flower details are nuts!

Shea's dance challenge: WORK BITCH!!!! It was so good and very doable.
Jaida: It was cute! Very the vibe she was going for and it was on brand which is also apart of the challenge!
Vivienne: Branded down! I love her! lol
Raja: It was very on brand and cute and also would be easy to learn!
Yvie : Lookin' like a tree person  it was super on brand and actually a cute dance.
Jinkx: I am gagged!!! She slayed it and was sooo on brand and hilarious!!
Monet: BITCH YES!!!! Such good choreo! On brand and easy to learn with a cute breakdown!
Trinity: It was on brand, that’s for sure especially since she said it.  It was definitely easy to learn but made sense!

And the top 2 are Jinkx and Monet!! Congrats girls! The "song" they’re lip syncing to this week is a spoken word from Designing Women. Biiiiitch soooo this lip sync, my girl Meatball has been doing for years! lol It’s so good, and they gave the win to Miss Monet! That yellow outfit is beyond gorgeous. And then this hoe blocked RAJA!! She wanted to be blocked though so maybe that’s why. Can’t wait for next week! And we may have some other announcements for those of you reading! Follow me @mscakemoss and have a sexy week gays!

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