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Fresh On the Scene: Jay Stroke Talks Making a Big Impression on OnlyFans, His Dream Co-Stars, & His Crazy Cum Shots


All of us get excited about a new discovery. Finding a new face, a new body, the curves of the ass, the length of the dick. These men sear themselves into our imaginations. And, fortunately, there are some flaming hot rising stars making that big leap from OnlyFans into the more competitive, but more prestigious world of studio porn.

One such performer is the up and cumming (sorry…) Jay Stroke.  In only a year, Jay has grown his web and OF presence to tens of thousands of followers and is now in talks with the top people in the industry to make the leap to mainstream studio porn. Jay joined us for his first interview to share what brought him to OnlyFans, how quickly his following has grown, and how he is now on his way to venturing into studio porn.

Could you tell us what brought you to the world of OnlyFans?

I posted my first ever nudes on Reddit during the pandemic. My work as a personal trainer was put on hold when all the gyms and everything were shut down! So I had a lot of free time on my hands all of a sudden. I got such great enjoyment from all of the fan reactions on Reddit, and a lot of people asking if I had an OnlyFans. Eventually I decided to go for it and I created a whole online empire… OnlyFans, PornHub, Twitter, my own personal website, and more. 

What do you think makes a "great" content creator?

I think a great content creator pays a lot of attention to the quality of every individual piece of content he or she creates. Also, they have to really get a lot of enjoyment out of the process as well as the product. I really love taking pictures and making videos because I know I am going to have hundreds, if not thousands, of people getting a ton of pleasure from it! And hopefully telling me all about it and comments in DMs.

What do you love most about performing?

Well I don’t even know if I can call what I am doing “performing“. I have zero acting ability! LOL. I am just being sexual on a recording, and, honestly, I pretty often get lost in the moment completely. I love that feeling of a total absence of everything else. Just the pleasure of whatever I’m doing

How do you define great sex? 

For me, great sex is fun, relaxed, and lengthy. I love spending the whole afternoon trying different activities and positions—getting as close to the edge as I can before switching things up… And I love to strike that balance with my partner between the routines we know & love versus a bit of variety and spice. 

You are quickly becoming known for your intense climaxes. Any way of explaining how you achieve these? 

I wish I had some secret sauce or supplement to recommend because I know a lot of people crave this ability for themselves! I cum sooo much. Though most partners find it hot as hell, it is a challenge for cleanup. I had a partner who was NOT into it and that hand job ended with them leaving very suddenly...and I don't dare pull out when I am in some guy's ass. But if I'm shooting in their mouth I can't assume he can swallow it all either.

This was very difficult evidence to hide at my peak of being a cum making machine. You could almost wring out my cum rag after one good jerk. Not something I could hide well from my parents growing up. So mostly, I jerked off into the shower or out in the garage. I assumed everyone could fill a shot glass after a quick tug and be ready for more in two hours.

You have expressed interest in moving from OF to "mainstream" porn. What makes you want to take that next step?

My number one motivation for getting involved in “mainstream “porn is that I want to increase my audience. I want to be involved with more people enjoying my pictures & videos and getting off to them. I was never anyone’s sexual object as a teen or even in my early to mid 20s. I was nerdy, geeky and awkwardhead too big for my scrawny body. So now it is an amazing feeling to always have dozens of messages from fans telling me how much they like me or my stuff. And that’s not to be bragging or only focusing on myselfI get a thrill knowing how I am causing such a reaction in others. 

On top of that, I am getting a bit tired of having this entire operation be a one-man show. I am the production crew, the catering, the director, and the talent! So basically I have to show up first to set up the cameras and I am the last to leave after I finish all the cleanup! Haha

Any specific performers, studios, or scenes you want to perform with?

I would love to make a careers worth of videos documenting my sexual and physical development. Progressively building up from the solo continent I’m already known for into action with awesome partners in amazing locations.

What can fans expect from you next? 

Super exciting! I am in conversation with some of the mainstream industries biggest directors and studios… I can’t say too much about it now but I think my current fans will soon be able to say “I knew that guy before he was famous!!”

Follow Jay Strokes on OnlyFans, PornHub, & Twitter.

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