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LGBTQ Hot Topics: Homos from Home Edition NEW! Bear with Us, Gurrrl Podcast


LGBTQ Hot Topics, Homos from Home Edition: Bear with Us, Gurrrl Podcast

It’s casual day on the pod! With COVID cancellations, family emergencies, scheduling conflicts, and travel dilemmas, and Teddy's Go-Go for the Gold reality show, it’s been a while since the two hosts have been able to chat. Instead of heading to the studio, they Zoomed it in from home for this casual and candid chat. Teddy Bear and Alexander had a lot to talk about, especially after Teddy's Monkeypox vaccination, Alexander's Pride debacle, and their mutual distaste for too much wokeness.

For this episode, our hairy duo catches up with a series of hot topics that range from the serious to the sexy: Is corporate Pride a bad thing? What is going on with Monkeypox? How much of a diva can you be for working a gig? Is Teddy becoming an extrovert? Should we automatically like gay content just because it’s out there? Will we be watching And Just Like That Season 2? Should Kim Cattrall just come back to Sex and the City already? Has Teddy seen Fire Island or the Queer as Folk reboot? Are Latinos being represented with the rest of the racial diversity push in porn? If you know your best friend’s boyfriend is cheating on them, should you get involved?

What is your take on these hot topics, what say you? Watch/Listen to this episode NOW!

Send us your comments and questions: [email protected]

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