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Exploring Gloryholes, Snoopy Sheets, and Sending Dick Pics! This week’s ASK CHAD!


Gloryholes, Snoopy, and Dick Pics...oh myyy!

What up, bitches? Ok, so I got through Pride month (barely) and survived 4th of July (even more barely) and I'm ready to spill the tea. Can we talk about Pride for a moment? I get that all the Prides are booking bigger and bigger names...snaps to my girl Christina at LA Pride...but it costs more to attend to Pride than it does to get a nose job (allegedly). First, they want you to pay big bucks for an all-access pass, THEN they want you to pay $20 for a shit drink in a plastic cup (that you spill on the back of some tweaking twink anyway), and THEN $30 for a Pride t-shirt that you have to cut up to make a crop top. Where's the Pride? By my fourth Pride, I had to invite my sugar daddy just to make sure I could afford the drinks! Thank god he had a heat stroke and had to rest in the med tent while I had his Amex. Love ya, daddy! Let's start a movement...make Pride affordable again! Gotta start my OnlyFans back up just to buy that cute Pride fanny pack. Geezzz!

Anyway, this week your questions were filled with fun stuff like cartoons, dick pics, and gloryholes. Sounds like my childhood. ANYWAY...make sure you send me your questions, I'm readdddddyyyy! Email a bitch: [email protected]

Here's what kept you up at night this week, check out my sassy responses!

Dear Chad,

I’m addicted to gloryholes. Like ADDICTED. I love the thrill of them, being sucked, sucking, it’s all so hot. I shared my desire to go to gloryholes with a new guy I’m dating and he was mortified. He didn’t understand and when I suggested we go to one together, he declined and has since ghosted me. Am I a freak? Should I keep it a secret?

- AdDICKted

Dear Chad,

My partner of five years has an obsession with all things Snoopy. Like Snoopy shit everywhere! Figurines, t-shirts, posters, shower curtains, kitchen towels, the whole thing. Our offer for our first home purchase was just accepted and now we will be homeowners! I’m excited about this next step, BUT – I am not excited to fill an expensive house full of Snoopy stuff. I don’t mind Snoopy, he’s cute, but it doesn’t go with our adulting. Can you imagine inviting friends over for our housewarming and there’s cartoon shit everywhere? Also, he insists on having Snoopy sheets. OY.

- Good Grief

Dear Chad,

My best friend just told me that he caught his boyfriend sending dick pics to other guys on a dating app. My bestie knows I can’t stand his boyfriend but begged me not to say anything. I am so disgusted – first, with my bestie because why is he putting up with it? Second, I’m disgusted with this piece of crap sending dick pics to other guys when he has my bestie (who is AMAZING) at home. I’m so upset about it and not being able to say anything that I have stopped hanging out with them. I just can’t trust myself to not say anything. What should I do? I miss my bestie!

- Disgusted Bestie

Keep the questions coming, nothing is off limits!


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