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Watch a Grindr Hookup From A Brit Plumber Over at Raw Road Nation


Raw Road Nation never fails to get yer boy Hank here's blood churning and my libido swelling. Having been to England and seeing these hung studs in action, the site helps me drift back to fond memories. Their performers are almost all regular-shaped, regular Joe kinda dudes, naturally hot as hell, the kinda guys you see wandering around your town every day...but British. Unless yer in England, then yeah, totally hanging around your town! Focusing on blue collar fantasies, "workies" as they're called, you get some nice uniform fetish kink thrown into the sexy mix as these guys find each other, often in public, and have it out right there, ducked behind a building. It doesn't even bother me that they usually don't list the performer names in the descriptions, though the site does have them listed on a couple pages. In "Railed By Complete Stranger From Grindr," we find our cubby bottom looking for Mr. Right Now on a favorite app, and having the distinct pleasure of a tall, handsome hirsute plumber stud drop in and drop a load after some filthy hot barebacking.

Who wouldn't wanna plant their seed in that inviting hole?

It's a simple scene, with bottom boy buzzing his visitor into his building who walks in to find him bent over his couch, hairy cheeks splayed wide and open, his jockstrap still on, begging the stranger to plant himself. Our top man is a complete stud, tall and imposing in his dark coverall uniform, walking in to find his prize and stripping down to reveal his gorgeous hairy body and raging, drooling boner. Jacking himself to full hard, he steps forward and impales his host to his couch, diving right in to rapid, manly pumping as the bottom grips the cushions, his head lolling back and forth in animalistic desire and satisfaction. This is just what he was looking for!

Oh, did I mention that the listing top is a ginger? Yeah, like he could get any hotter! His dark auburn beard is simply stunning, accentuating his youthful manly face, his flame-red bush on full display as he pumps and humps the hairy crack of his hookup, his trade hands slapping those furry cheeks, eliciting moans of lust and submissive pleasure as he pummels that hole. On his back, the bottom dude's cock still covered by his jock (almost a kink in itself, the denying of his own pleasure focused sole on getting this guy off!) with his legs pressed against his chest, his crack is open for business as Ginger Top takes full advantage. Up against the wall, it's aggressive man on man pumping until our top is ready to spray his cream, shoving his conquest to his knees and splattering his face with ropey strands of spunk.

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