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Are You “Tough Enough” For Fetish Force’s Latest Full-Length Title?


We know Devin Franco as a versatile performer, giving and taking dick to best serve the scene. But did you know he also directs? Sharing the directing duties with Jasun Mark, Franco brings us Falcon Studio's Fetish Force full-length Tough Enoughstarring Franco alongside Marco Napoli, Isaac X, Ryan Carter, and Davin Strong. The flick is two extended scenes, and at nearly one and a half hours long, that's some lengthy scene work from each group of performers. There's all kinds of kinky BDSM play going on here, and dang do these dudes look like they're having loads of aggressive fun, and fun with loads.

Napoli (standing) and Carter rest their feet with X's help.

Isaac X is a struggling sub to Napoli and Carter's leather Daddy top-men as they run him through a series of performative bondage and kink play movements. I say "struggling" because it wasn't completely clear what kind of sub X was trying to be: willingly submissive or captured and forced against his will. Bouncing between the two, and with an unclear distinction of the rules in play, it's a scattered effect that's delivered at first before the three really start to roll with each other. That being said, the three display an incredibly handsome and sexually arousing trio. It's always great to see X bottoming, having been a fan of his blue-collar trucker vibe and physique with his beefy bubble butt pushed out at all times just waiting to be used. Napoli and Carter are intense looking tops, garbed in leather harnesses and jocks, emitting the right amount of aggressive attitude as they use X as their plaything. Bound to a board and (lightly) flogged and spanked, tongue out and licking Napoli's boot, ass rimmed as he swallows Carter's thick hard dick, all are good looks on X as he falls into his sub service, his role established more clearly the more he submits and gets cock in his face. He looks especially tasty as he's on his knees, his face moving back and forth as he attempts, and suck-seeds, in orally pleasuring both men, sweating and sucking until they take turns blowing their wads down his throat for him to savor and swallow.

One of the more interesting moments is when X is forced to watch Carter work a sounding rod in and out of his own urethra as his boot is planted firmly in X's crotch while Napoli's boot smacks his face. It's all played as a lead up to the two tops taking X's asshole and riding it for all it's worth. X gets spit-roasted between the two with Napoli up to bat first, plowing his backside as Carter fills his gullet. On his back, X receive's Carter fat meat, his legs spread like a gymnast before his hole belongs once again to Napoli's Italian sausage, which breeds his guts as Carter fills his mouth with a second load of jizz. I gotta say, X is probably one of my favorite dudes to watch bottom; he has a similar look to many of the rural dudes who live around me and X makes me imagine these straight (?) fuckers getting their ass pummeled by their buddies after a good drinking binge. Slurp!

Wrist bonds and dildos and spanking, oh my! Franco takes Strong's punishment.

Franco and Strong have a well-connected sexuality, working well with Franco on the receiving end of Strong's treatment. He's a cop who attempts to bust Strong when he comes across him pissing in an alley, but instead is easily overpowered by the bulky behemoth, his huge arms and chest flaring as he collars the cop, dragging him into the play space and going to town on his ass. His wrists bound above his head, Franco is flogged, which looks great and all, but is a nice moment displaying his adaptability for tools. Strong lubes up the flogger handle and inserts it deep in Franco's hole, sliding it in and out, fucking the cop who begins to relish the treatment he's doled. When Strong begins spanking him with a riding crop while the flogger hangs out of his asshole, the cop is in submissive heaven. Getting fucked and bred by Strong's beautiful dick is almost simple lagniappe, the icing on the cake. These two look great together, and while I would have preferred Strong with an unshaved chest, he's still a gorgeous mountain to watch.

Round two starts off with more fucking, but by now it's less "rape" and more "Yes Sir, thank you, Sir!" Strong pulls his cock out and proceeds to go for some truly dominant posturing. He pulls out a huge black dildo he works in and out of Franco's mouth and throat. What starts as simple sucking becomes an intense study in limit pushing as Franco, with Strong's gentle giant insistence, tries to get as much of the toy down his throat as possible. His eyes water, his body retches against the intrusion, he drools and putters ropes of saliva that lube the dildo and his lips for even deeper penetration. It's in this moment that the two connect in the deepest way, with Strong behind Franco, holding his face and head, verbalizing a steady stream of dirty talk propelling Franco further onto the dildo. Strong's words never come out as gruff posturing, but rather he keeps his voice low, steady, just on the edge of threatening. He's not a violent storm crashing; he's the dark rumble emerging from the clouds. And it's a fucking turn-on to watch. When he fucks a load out of his bottom before creaming his balls with his second, it's almost a masculine, caring denouement we've just witnessed.

Tough Enough is available on DVD or digital download from the Falcon and Naked Sword stores.

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