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Lucca Mazzi Shares His Top 5 Tips on How to Date a Porn Star


Mr. Anthony John is hosting a threesome you don't want to miss. A trio of sexy porn stars is cumming to make the desert even hotter. Romeo Davis, Max Adonis, Lucca Mazzi headline this month's PigDaddy party, produced by Anthony John Presents, on Saturday, July 16th at Barracks in Cathedral City, right outside Palm Springs. There's a free clothes check and a special summer entry of only $10. Music will be provided by DJ Rafael M on Barrack's dark dance floor; the cruising patio will be open; and this threesome of porn stars will be on hand to party.

Cybersocket recently caught up with the gorgeous and muscular Lucca Mazzi, who happens to be one half of a famous porn couple with BF Michael Boston. Yes, Lucca gets that infamous Boston ass whenever he'd like. But then again, Lucca is a Greek god come to life. All this to say, we wanted to know what it's like when porn stars date, so Lucca shares with us his top 5 tips for dating a porn star.


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1. Working in adult films is work. The sex on camera is to entertain and excite people. It’s different than what you’ll have in the bedroom on a personal level. Love my BF but the position I had blowing Chris Damned this week looks hot on camera but isnt happening any time soon in my own bedroom.  
2. Expect to see two personas a public and personal one. I mean most people when they engage in general with the public are nicer even when they feel not the greatest that day. But if your porn star BF is not nice to one person and it's their first time meeting them, then they get that one interaction with him as being an ass.
3. People will approach your bf with no filter sometimes, on their mouth or hands.
4. There's sometimes lots of travel and events with other porn stars and hot guys.
5. As your relationship becomes more public, people want the tea. Why can't Michael touch Lucca? I made a post the day of my bodybuilding competition saying “Michael can't touch me for a day.” People panicked, wondering what was happening. And I was just spray tanned for the stage, I didn't want to turn him orange and we didn't want sex hand marks all over my body for stage.

See Lucca Mazzi live along with Romeo Davis & Max Adonis at Pig Daddy on Saturday, July 16 at the Barracks in Cathedral City, CA and check his Justfor.Fans.

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