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The Five Hottest Scenes in Movie Musicals


It's been a while since I've gushed over musicals I loved, so I figured it was time to do so again. Musicals aren't just gay institutions because we love costumes, songs, and dance numbers. Oh, no... there's SO much more to musicals than just those dynamics. There's also really gorgeous men doing really sexy stuff! Here's a look at the hottest scenes from movie musicals.

The Aggie Song - Best Little Whorehouse In Texas

"Dolly Parton in a musical" is already a gay enough phrase, but throw in some gorgeous men dancing mostly naked in a locker room and things get elevated even higher. America's favorite singer/philanthropist/amusement park owner/vaccine creator stars in this movie about a brothel owner (Parton) who runs the beloved local whorehouse "The Chicken Ranch", and the community that she operates in. It's worth noting that the town is run by rugged local sheriff Ed Earl Dodd in the form of a young, sexy Burt Reynolds. #Daddy. In this scene, we see the hot young studs of Texas A&M's winning team gearing up for a night of brothel debauchery at the Chicken Ranch, because it's tradition. This is definitely a tradition I can get behind... or in front of... or between... honestly all of it. Not since Psycho has a shower scene been more iconic.

$96,000 - In the Heights

On my list of gorgeous celebrities who I think are beyond sexy, Anthony Ramos is decidedly Top 5. The smile, the acting, the voice... the body. And boy does that body shine (as well as about 100 others) in the pool scene from last Summer's In the Heights from writer/director/producer Lin Manuel Miranda. The movie was visually stunning throughout, but this scene definitely had my eyes glued to the screen extra long. Who doesn't love their Broadway boys shirtless and wet?

Ain't There Anyone Here for Love? - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

As a natural blonde, I sure hope gentlemen really do prefer us. And if not gentlemen, then at least some sexy whores. Blonde bombshell and gay fave Marilyn Monroe stars in the famed 1953 movie. But in this scene, we see fellow bombshell Jane Russell singing about her longing for finding love. The setting in which she's looking for love, however, is a gym full of gorgeous muscle men while singing, "I'm apathetic, and non-athletic; can't keep up in a marathon." I don't know if you're going to find any love in that gym, but speaking from experience you can at least convince a few of the guys in this scene to join you in the shower for some fun.

Creature Of the Night - Rocky Horror

Do I love raw, passionate sex? Of course! But do I think there's also something incredibly hot about campy sex? Absolutely. 1975's The Rocky Horror Picture Show starred Queer icon Tim Curry, as well as a young Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon. The entire movie is about campy, hot, sex, and the freaks who get down with it. It at once pays homage to sex while also poking fun at it and cutting it down from being all so serious. This is my favorite sex: hot, but doesn't take itself too seriously. And not for nothing, Tim Curry rocks the shit out of those fishnets, and Barry Bostwick looks like he's packing some serious heat in those briefs. Yum.

Prologue - West Side Story (1961)

"Hot" to me doesn't necessarily just mean shirtless and grinding. I mean... lord knows it DOES mean that often, but sometimes I think rhythm and movement are even hotter than muscles and sweat. There's something so hot to me about soft beauty, and some of the dance scenes in the original West Side Story are some of the most softly beautiful dance scenes ever, and therefore are also hot as fuck. The smoothness that these sexy men dance with just screams, "my hips have rhythm" and there are few people better in bed than dancers.

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