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Eric Charming Is “The Late Night Boy” When Johnny Rapid Cums a’Calling


Most of us have been there, home alone on an evening, getting yourself worked up with porn, or a hook-up app, or the vacuum, and you just really really need someone there right now to take care of your aching need. Luckily if you're Johnny Rapid, who's horned up and also needs to create content for your own website, most dudes on the other end of your booty call are going to rush right over and take care of you. And that's just what cute twunk Eric Charming does when Rapid makes that phone call. With Rapid's slightly scruffy good looks, his lean body and patchy fur, he's a twink/rough trade combo next to Charming's ginger boy-next-door wholesomeness that pair well together, both in look and in sexual energy. These are two young guys who simply have fun fucking around together. And if you head over to Johnnyrapid.com now, you can take advantage of the July 4th Sale going on now!

Okay, look at Charming's freckles. This is like watching Howdy Doody or a youngster Ron Howard suck dick. 

These two cuties waste no time getting right down to shenanigans. Charming enters and he's diving on Rapid's hard dick like it's 2 AM and he found leftover pizza to chow down after a night at the clubs. It tastes gooooood! He's a bit of a subservient little bottom bitch, sucking that pole down deep, slobbering and sputtering as he does tongue laps around his girth and up and down every inch, getting it nice and wet for his asshole. The vibe he gives when sucking dick is even more sub-like in his body position than just sucking dick would give off. Some guys are on their knees, but grabbing the top's ass and pulling it into you has a bit of dominance to it; you're in control, even with a dick in your mouth. Charming chooses the hands on knees, face-planting into the lap move, which somehow is even more "bottom-y" if that's possible. The only other way to be more bottom-y than that is on your back face fucked, but they missed that opportunity. He looks great with whatever he's doing at any rate.

"Hey, what're you lookin' at?!"

When Charming climbs up and sinks down to take every inch Rapid is giving him, the two descend into some serious bliss as he's pumped from beneath. In this cowboy position, or taken from behind, Charming is loving every damn minute of it as his backside is pummeled by his buddy's tool. Rapid, with his hands on Charming's shoulders, forcing him back harder, Charming with his head thrown back in animalistic throes of sweaty passion, or taken on his back, his legs to God as they violate several Bible passages (or are they?) and these two are creating quite the picture of youthful masculinity.

Check them out at Johnny Rapid, and take advantage of the holiday sale now!

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