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Dakota Lovell and His Step-Uncle Chris Damned “Take Two” At Family Dick



Chris Damned and Dakota Lovell make a pretty damn hot team, having paired up elsewhere and now, in their second foray for Family Dick (celebrating the July 4th holiday with an awesome sale going on now, BTW!) as step-uncle and nephew, getting down and dirty while Lovell's parents are away. In "Take Two" the two horned up hotties get into some morning after sex over breakfast, not bothering to leave the kitchen, but rather, raising the heat under their lust and taking it to a boiling point. They look great together, and though they're supposed to be "step" relatives, they have a closeness in physicality separated by age that leads one to fantasize they're actually related. It's a taboo line to cross, but they only approach that line, keeping a few feet back of course.

Lovell gets a mouthful of breakfast meat.

Lovell receives a call from his parents that they're staying out of town, warning him that his step-uncle is bad news and "there better not be a trace of him in the house." I'm guessing that he'll do a  great job at making all traces of Damned disappear...down his throat and up his ass. Of course such a warning would only make him run all that much faster to Damned's dick, which isn't hard to do when his uncle comes up behind him, wraps his big strong arms around him, and does a hard press to use his holes again. Who could resist?

Lovell is all bottom here, dropping to his knees to take that fat pole down his throat. He does a commendable job getting it down deep, and I'm guessing his gagging and sputtering is purely performative, but he looks great anyway. I love watching Damned's girthy length invading a hungry mouth, especially given his relatively full bush and hairy legs, he's sexy as hell as he takes control.

Lovell becomes a whimpering little bottom bitch as he climbs into his older relative's lap and sinks his tight hole down over that pipe, taking it all the way in, holding onto the furry, tatted chest in front of him for balance. It's furtive and filthy as Damned drills him from beneath, making him squirm and grind and beg for more. Standing and braced against the wall, Lovell takes Damned ramrod pummeling fast and furious at his backside like a champ, his stretched sphincter assaulted in the most delicious manner as their taboo lust fills the room. They had to do all this in very tight quarters, which couldn't have been comfortable; I'm amazed they both actually fit in the small kitchen, but they make it work, especially when they're laid out on the floor, ass to ass, jacking their aching cocks until Damned shoots over Lovell's bouncing balls and breeds his cream back in that yearning ass while Lovell beats his own bishop.

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