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Hot House Video Has More Rugby Action with Their Second Full-Length Sequel “Scrum: Go Big or Go Home”


What's that you say? You need even more hot rugby goodness? Scrum and Scrum: Balls To the Wall weren't enough for you? Well fret not mon frere, Hot House Video has you covered with the second Scrum sequel Scrum: Go Big or Go Home. These guys went big, but something tells me they ain't going home any time soon. They're gonna keep that locker room going for a while. Starring Falcon/NakedSword exclusives Andre Donovan, Devin Franco, Cole Connor, Drew Valentino, Luca del Rey, and Tristan Hunter, along with Roman Todd, Austin Avery, Grant Ducati, JJ Knight, Tarzan Top and all directed by Tony Dimarco, it's more footie (and cock and ass and mouth!) action than you can shake a discarded jersey at. Three duos plus a two-part, eight-man orgy should keep you satisfied for a while.

Hunter Tastes Todd

Tristan Hunter and Roman Todd start things off with a with an intense flip-fuck that leaves both musclemen breathless and sweat-covered. What is it about men stripping in a locker room that is almost a kink in and of itself? The two players shuck their uniforms post-game and jump in the showers, the flirtatious jockstrap snapping and butt slapping begins almost immediately as the energy of the game must have carried them off the field. Rubbing each other's hard bodies and trading some sucking action leads them back to the bench where Todd proceeds to lube Hunter up and plunge into his tight hole with incredible energy as his buddy begs for more. But these are two versatile studs, and Todd loves cock as much as Hunter, so he lays back and spreads his legs for Hunter to rim. Properly prepped, Hunter shoves his own cock in, Todd's delighted exclamations ringing off the tiled walls. Going back and forth is a hallmark of flip-fucking, rather than simply one tops, then the other. Hunter pulls out of Todd and climbs onto Todd's still rock-hard meat for some more ass stretching until Todd moves him to his back, his well-defined muscles straining and flexing and covered in sweat until he shoots his cream over Hunter's torso before shoving himself back in to breed his hole as he blows his own load. Stunning.

Avery Takes Franco's dick.

Austin Avery is injured on the field, and teammate Devin Franco aids in his recovery with a concentrated deep tissue massage, focusing on the problem areas...and then the not-so-problem area. Avery is in pure bottom bitch mode, succumbing to Franco's probing hands as he strips Avery of his clothes and focuses his hands and elbows all over Avery's upturned ass, first rubbing and massaging, then oiling up, then rimming, then fucking. He digs his face in deep between his yearning cheeks before his cock is too hard to ignore and he climbs up and mounts his buddy. What follows is simple but effective man on man action as Franco takes his hole in several positions. He looks best on top, plunging his pole in deep like he's a goddamn oil drill, before Avery climbs on top for some control before he's taken on his back, the cream fucked out of him then bred. Franco, being an accommodating top, leans over and laps up Avery's spilled jizz in a fantastic moment of the top serving his bottom. While he's still in him!

Donovan tops Ducati from the bottom.

We could have had a completely fulfilling third scene with just Andre Donovan soaping himself up in the shower and watching as the foaming water glides over his incredible body, but let's throw some light Furry kink into the mix as Grant Ducati enters wearing the team mascot uniform, watching Donovan and rubbing himself through the fabric. Bending over the table, he lets Donovan play with his ass a bit before the costume is stripped off him, but he keeps the head on for a while longer as his tight hole is eaten and tongue fucked. It would have been interesting had they continued in this vein with Ducati keeping the costume on, but his tautly muscled smaller frame is too cute to keep hidden, giving something for Donovan to toss around and play with. The slender Ducati does a fantastic job at taking all the long, thick meat Donovan has to offer, either down his throat or up his wrecked hole as his backside is downright owned, either face down, riding on top, or picked up and bounced like a plaything up and down before he's fed and bred.

(standing L-R) Valentino, Todd, Knight, Franco, Top; (lying down front to back) Hunter, Connor, del Rey

And then we have a giant fuck pile! The Raging Stallions team has bested the Hot House Bulldogs, but that doesn't mean the two groups can't celebrate together. Gathering in the Stallions' locker room, it takes no time before they're all in their jockstraps, pairing or tripling off for some serious suck and fuck action. At nearly an hour in length, just for this last 2-part orgy scene, there is so much cock going into so many holes, one loses count and the players become intertwined to the point of it all becoming dizzying. At some point, almost everyone is bred and toast, but del Rey stands out through it all as he is in the enviable position to be the very final cum dump for both teams, taking multiple loads up his furry ass or in his hungry mouth.


Scenes for all Scrum flicks are playing at Raging Stallion and/or Hot House, with full-length download or DVD purchases available from the Falcon Studios and Hot House stores.

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