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Furry Vers Parker Logan Owns Pocket Bottom Ashley Rider’ Ass For Breed Me Raw


Full disclosure, I love watching Parker Logan in action. He's tall, physically domineering, versatile, hairy as all get-out, tatted, with a quiet rough trade vibe. He's lately been sporting a shaved head and closely trimmed beard which ups his "dangerous looking" aura, and makes him look even hotter with a cock or ass in his mouth. Paired up with smooth pocket Brit Ashley Rider, Logan gets to show his more dominant side, seeing as how Rider loves to be dominated. The two have an intense chemistry, as Logan has the strength and stature to literally bounce Rider off his cock, and Breed Me Raw caught all the hot action between these two!

Rider teases that meat.

The two get into some serious face mashing beforehand; they're clearly into each other. But when Logan hauls out his enormous sausage, Rider is on that like white on rice, downing in one fell swoop, to the pubes, balls bouncing against his chin, swallowing it down as Logan leans back, his head rolling side to side. Rider has him where he wants him, and he ain't gonna let go. He savors every luscious inch as he gently cradles Logan's heavy, pendulous ballsack, playing with those eggs as his throat is filled to stretching.

Because everyone needs to, you know, breathe and all, he takes a break when Logan, bending him over, spreads Rider's cheeks and buries his tongue in between , lapping at that crack to lube it up right for his penetrating pipe. When he stands and presses in close, it's surprising how easily Rider's asshole opens up to such an invasion, but he's damn ready for it, pushing back with an insatiable lust. On his back, he appears a bit more comfortable to take Logan even deeper, the two working up an incredible sweat as their bodies grind and hump together. Rider seems almost surprised by his own bodies ability to take all that Logan has to offer, uttering a few genuine "Oh my god" as his backside is slammed with wonton abandon.

Rider goes for a ride!

It's a little astounding and exhausting, to watch these two go at it; Logan is a fuck beast as he moves his bottom into several positions, sometimes taking a break if he gets too close by chowing down on that hole he's been assaulting. But getting close is the point, and eventually, the sweat dripping through his fury chest as the sweat-slicked Rider lies panting below him, he shoots his spunk over Rider's balls before shoving it back in for a bit of breeding before Rider gets to blast his own jizz.

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