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Hard Brit Lads Keeps ‘Em Cummin’ With Jason O’Connor and Luke Vogel


Those boys over at Hard Brit Lads just keep cumming and cumming, don't they? The site has a prolific amount of content featuring big (BIG!) dicked young men sucking and plowing in and out of sporty shorts and gear, and it always seems to please. Their newest scene features the muscular "workie" type Jason O'Connor, and newbie Luke Vogel, a slender bloke with a big ol' fat dick. I describe O'Connor as a workie type because he has this handsome, unpretty blue collar look about him, with his unkempt hair and scruffy face. Good looking, but not striking; he's the kind of guy you see across a pub who stands out by not standing out, if that makes sense. Both smooth, lightly tatted, and swinging some nice packages, as so many Brits do.

Starting off on the couch in their sweats and t-shirts, their massive bulges are already on prominent display as they vigorously rub them through their clothes before reaching over to get a greedy grab on each other's poles. Leaning in for some kissing they appear almost tentative, like it's a prerequisite action they don't really wanna bother with, but would rather get right to the cock. But okay, sure, they'll indulge in some face mashing as their uncut dicks are handled, their hands running up and down the several inches of shaft, swelling their already turgid manhood.

O'Connor gets a taste of his bottom-to-be.

Trading cocksucking duties, they go back and forth, those hard inches disappearing down each other's throats as the flesh gets wet and sloppy with their tongues and spit. They each do a fine job of working their impressive dicks down their gullets, but it's Vogel who really goes the extra mile, on his knees with O'Connor's hands on the back of his head, his face getting plowed, only coming off a couple times for a medically necessary breather.

But this is all about getting dick into ass, so O'Connor gets a condom on and Vogel ably and heartily lets him press and push his entirety deep into his tight hole. Standing up they look great, with Vogel bent over taking O'Connor from behind like two schoolboys getting in a quick shag after practice before one of their parents returns. Lying next to each other, we get a better view of Vogel's thick meat as he strokes himself while O'Connor does his thing from behind, his girth stretching Vogel's ass wide as the two grunt and moan themselves into creamy explosions. I've always wondered if HBL performers are instructed not to speak much, or if it's simply not their inclination to do so, but either way, the viewer is saved the vapid "porn talk" so often prevalent.

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