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Here’s a Double Dose of Twinks Topping Daddies To Bring You Into Your Weekend


Yer boy Hank here is ready to load you up for your weekend, and not in the way I necessarily want to, but in a fun way nevertheless. How about two scenes featuring bottoming daddies to their twink tops, switching the expected roles with a little uniform kink thrown in for extra measure? Yeah, I thought you might like that. Scout Boys and Twink Loads bring you daddies Romeo Davis and Lance Charger going ass up for Troye Jacobs and Jack Bailey who gets to pull double duty, appearing in both! Like what you see? Just hit the banner of either site to take you directly.

Starting us off is "Romeo Davis Bottoms: Encounter 3" over at Twink Loads, where we find ginger twunk Bailey taking the holes of gruff "top man" Davis. Our bottom usually appears as a top, arrogantly waving his prodigious cock around, giving off some serious blue collar swagger with his tall muscled bod covered in tats and his copious amounts of sex talk. Here, he's given the opportunity to basically cop the same act, but as a bottom, which, hand to God, I ain't complaining about. I love seeing a big ol' Daddy be man enough to take the cock instead of just giving it, and Bailey, with all his cute, smiley apple pie-faced good natured appeal is...well frankly, not whom I'd expect to pull it off, but pull it off he does!

After some passionate kissing, Davis gets down to basically worshipping Bailey's slender, smooth bod, licking his chest and torso as he glides down to take his dick deep down his throat, prepping it for his hole. And speaking of prepping a hole, Bailey is really into rimming Davis'! He spreads those hairy cheeks and dives in like a hungry teenager, slurping and lapping until he's nice and wet. When he stands and presses himself in, every inch disappearing into that stretched hole, Davis is in heaven, feeling the boy pump in and out until he's gushing his jizz over his ass before shoving it back in for a bit of breeding.

At Scout Boys, Bailey is back in action, this time pairing up with fellow twink Jacobs to show Muscle Bear Charger just how the kids do it. Admittedly this is one of the rare times Scout Boys has let the scouts do the fucking; usually it's the Scout Masters taking their boy holes, so the change of pace is nice. Charger is a stunning older man, beautifully hirsute and thickly muscled with his broad chest and tree trunk legs. In his uniform, he looks especially sexy, his thick hard dick hanging out of his trousers. When he's caught jacking off by the two boys, who wondered away for some sexy shenanigans themselves, the three decide to make it a party.

It starts off traditionally enough with the two boys dropping to their knees to savor the heady muskiness and flavor of their Scout Master, but the tide starts to turn when Bailey, as in the previous scene, starts working on the man's furry backside, spreading those cheeks and digging his face in deep, tongue fucking the older gent until he needs something more up there.

Daddy likes a taste.

The two boys take time flipping back and forth, either on cock or butt duty, until Jacobs stands and presses his thick young meat deep into Charger's waiting ass. With his own cock stuffed in Bailey's mouth, Jacobs' pumping drives that dick against his buddy's face, resulting in a nice even sliding of cocks into wet crevices, everyone getting some serious satisfaction. Jacob's energy quickly builds until he's pumping the Master's backside with milky spunk which is put on full display as he pulls out, letting it drop delightfully down the crack hairs to land on the forest floor.


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