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Throwback Thursday Brings You the Stunning Josh Kincaid and Friends in “Against the Rules” at Falcon Studios


Ever since I saw the prototype Daddy Bear Bruno fuck blonde beauty Josh Kincaid poolside, I've always kept a lookout for this stunning guy's vids. He exudes a mix of retro imagery: he can come off as a California blonde preppy, butt naked and pumping with his muscles flexing and the golden hairs of his chest in the sunlight, his mustache glimmering; he can also appear as a Daddy-to-be. Versatile in sexuality, he's equally hot fucking a guy as he is getting banged. Actually, I prefer to see him bottoming, but that's just personal preference. In "Against the Rules" streaming over at Falcon Studios, he's paired up in a tawdry threesome with Eric Nolte and Mac Turner. Nolte is all Cali boy with his smooth, broad chest and sun-kissed hair, while Turner is his brunette counterpart. Everyone here is sporting some major dickage, but only Kincaid gets to play solely in the top bunk.

Turner and Nolte service Kincaid.

Kincaid is working outdoors, stripped of his shirt, his jeans clasping his ass cheeks in all the right ways as he fills his wheelbarrow up with wood. Nolte and Turner wander by in...some kind of uniform. Military? Religious? Not waiter sure, but their banter leads you to believe they already know each other. Oh, their dialogue! I was pleasantly surprised that they're recorded live and we actually hear their voices rather than the usual bad music with a dubbed voiceover heavy in sex talk. Kincaid invites them in, and that's when, out of earshot, Turner informs Nolte that he and Kincaid had fucked before, going on and on about his awesome cock. He ain't lying!

Kincaid returns and Turner dives at his crotch, hauling out his impressive member as Nolte shucks his clothes off. The two young men proceed to worship Kincaid's dick, taking turns stuffing it into their mouths, fondeling his balls, stroking the shaft as the head disappears between lips, anything to show their lust and pleasure.

I loved how many of the camera angles we see and how the lighting glinted off the blonde hairs covering Kincaid's muscular thighs and torso as the two swallow his inches, or move around behind to eat his ass. Lots of rimming on Turner's part of Kincaid and Nolte's holes before Kincaid shoves his pole deep in Nolte's tight hole, pumping his furry crack as Turner chows down on his dick or tongues his balls.

Turner throws himself between the two, taking Kincaid up his backside while sucking down Nolte's lengthy member, doing that sausage justice as it's not long before Nolte is spewing long ropey strands of cream all over Turner's face and mouth. Shifting positions, Nolte is again taking Kincaid's girth until he pulls out to shoot over his ass, prompting Turner to again fill his throat with spunk straight from the tap in an awesome ATM shot before pumping his own load down Nolte's gullet.

It's torrid, base, and animalistic humping, just like good vintage porn should be.

Check them out at Falcon Studios by hitting that banner below.

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