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Happy Father’s Day: Get To Know Hairy Bottom-Dad Stud Mike Gaite Over at TopFanVids


Mike Gaite is a newer member over at TopFanVids, and great googly-moogly is he a stud worth watching. With his muscular and furry body, he doesn't scream "gym bunny" so much as "working around the house" kinda muscular. But it's his aw-shucks handsomeness that exudes a good-natured, laid-back vibe with his adorable eyes and winning smile that really take you in. Yeah, sure he's got a hot bod and a great cock, but he also looks like someone you wanna just hang with, a beer in hand and some flirtatious banter as you eye each other up on the side.

And damn does he look good with a dick in his mouth! He loves to bottom, and a big ol' pole sliding and out of his throat is a beautiful thing to watch. When he's getting fucked, he often has a giant grin from ear to ear, unwilling to display performative "sex face" but rather he wants to show you just how much pleasure he's deriving and how great it feels. And it just simply makes him really fucking happy. It's refreshing to watch, this unbridled joy during sex. He may not have plethora of scenes yet, but we look forward to what he creates for his page.

Yeah, that smile right there.

His page describes his interests as including lots of kink and role play, watersports, groups, mature guys, BBC and a whole list of other fun stuff. It also mentions he's versatile, so looking forward to seeing you in the top bunk. Can't wait Mike, make those vids!

One pairing we are enjoying is his two-parter with muscle Bear top man Roman Mercury, who enjoyed himself so much he came back for a round two! These two incredible slabs of man meat really hit it off, and Gaite truly is in seventh heaven as Mercury hauls out his pole and fills his mouth with it, feeding him in an especially torrid face fucking as Gaite's head hangs over the side of the bed, gagging and swallowing every delicious inch.

There isn't an inch of Gaite's flesh that Mercury didn't own, taking him in several positions over the course of the two sessions, all to the bottom's animalistic delight. He's in a state of rapture as the heaving, pumping Mercury pummels his hairy asshole with his prime beef. The two look especially great when Gaite's face is getting smashed into the mattress by Mercury's powerful hand, the muscles in his hairy arms strained and corded, his whole body flexing as he humps and pumps his hard-on deep into Gaite's eager, stretched hole. And when Gaite comes up for air, turns to the camera and gives that winning smile, y'all, seriously, my heart almost melted. I was genuinely happy for him!

We look forward to more cum and sweat-drenched vids from this hawt man.

Check him out at TopFanVids, and take advantage of their month-long Pride Sale now! Just hit that pic below.

Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected].

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