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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Winners Episode 5 Recap: Thinly Veiled Speeches


It's your girl Cake Moss here and we're comin' in hot and heavy this week! Monet was blocked last week and she’s mad! She’s gonna get the Viv!! I love that Monet is very straight forward about being here to play the game 'cause baby it’s a $200,000 competition!

This week's special guest is Nikki Glazer! The girls were challenged to write an inspirational speech to the younger Queer people of the world! Have it be funny but also relatable. I love the Vivienne's little comments so much. But also what is Ru wearing?!? I guess fashion? Idk….but good for this workroom look. So this week's gag is that whoever wins this challenge, gets 2 stars—one for themselves and one to give away!

Shea is so distracted writing in the work room I hope it doesn’t throw her off. The girls all got to go read for Nikki and Carson and got a lot of quality direction that I hope they apply. I didn’t really get Raja's speech while she was explaining but hopefully she can convey the look and idea into something inspirational! Jaida and these Tajin shots in the workroom are hilarious to me. Ru has been looking so stunning on the main stage lately! This legend season is IT!!! Let’s watch these speeches!

Monet opened and killed that Shit! So funny and inspiring.
Shea's was really good and wholesome! A full circle moment.
Trinity and her Hooked on Phonics shit was hilarious! I like the way she wrapped it back into everything.
Raja nailed it! So funny! Ru couldn’t catch her breath! “We’re all going to die” HA!
Jaida is giving me Jaida and it’s cracking me up!
Yvie's was the most inspiring to me. This bitch had me laugh and cry in the same sentence!
Jinkx being a witch who went to the wrong school speech was cute! And I guess her getting hit by a car and being fine was the inspiration?
Vivienne being a drunk mess works absolutely perfect! She nailed that shit!

Runway time! Category is: VEILED IT
Monet's birdcage cunt couture was everything!
Shea is just an ethereal being; I love her.
Trinity’s veil is so long, it’s gorgeous that red with the flower decals!
Raja being a cover of Vogue is very in brand.
The beaded veil Yvie has on is EPIC!!! Wow.
I love that Jinkx’s veil was being carried by little butterflies!
Jaida looks terrifyingly stunning.
The Vivienne giving this S&M veil is so beat and in my favorite color!!! So bomb!!!

Wow bitch, another week with nothing but loving criticism! No bad critiques! Then oh wow, Nancy Pelosi is here…..eeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh they say they’re proud of us but also let Texas ban us from being around kids? Hmmmm…I agree with her about voting! Make sure you use that power! Not everyone is granted that right.

This weeks two top queens are Jinkx and RAJA!!! Yay!!!! Raja finally got a star!!! But who are they gonna give their other stars too?! They get to give them away the beginning of next week! ANXIETY! Here we go with the lip sync! The song this week is Lizzo's "Better in Color."

Jinkx is eating it up! Raja is just being pretty and Raja so I get it but Jinkx is connecting. Congrats Miss Jinkx! She gets $10,000 and a plunger! Who she gonna block?!?! She’s so funny! She got The Vivienne! But that’s what she gets for telling Jinkx she was gonna block her if she could. Can’t wait for next week! This season is so fucking good! This has been Cake Moss and my review! Later bitches!

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