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Social Media Stars Get Hot and Heavy In Falcon’s Full-Length “Under The Influencer”


The internet thrives on them, and many folks loathe them. The "influencer," that ubiquitous creature of surface conceit and, inexplicably, the making of a shit-ton of money. They're everywhere, followed religiously, and the object of derision given a split second chance. They're also often sexy as hell, and it's this last factor that Falcon Studio's latest full-length release Under the Influencer capitalizes on. They're sexiness. Oh, and also their annoyances. It's a tongue-in-cheek look at social media stars and their drive for content. In this case, all-bareback fucking! It's interesting because while the film focuses on exactly what drives the craze, the hot sex, it also is completely aware of the horribleness of those who drive it, the influencers themselves: their selfishness; their drive for money over personal responsibility; their vacuousness; and their reprehensible treatment of others. The non-sex scenes are genuinely humorous in their treatment of these guys who, internally, are really just giant assholes. Luckily the performers playing them are adept enough at acting the part. You're going to enjoy hating these people. Directed by Steve Cruz and starring Falcon/NakedSword Exclusives Devin Franco, Max Konnor, Luca del Rey, and Andre Donovan, with Max Lorde, Evan Knoxx, Shane Cook, Zario Travezz, and Luke Truong, it rolls through five scenes in the lives of different "influencers" as they make their way through the social media haze and craze. I've previously written about the intense scene featuring Lorde and Franco here, so let's see what the others are up to, shall we?

Knoxx and Cook

Cook is less than enthusiastic about being the costar in BF Knoxx's online life, but the sexy Knoxx is too much of a temptation to resist, even if his adoring fans are watching, so Cook relents and helps Knoxx give the world what it craves. He might complain that Knoxx is incapable of just having a relationship with him alone without the camera capturing everything, but that ass invites him in and he's incapable of saying no. Kissing passionately in bed, Knoxx is soon sliding Cook's thick meat down his throat, playing to the camera and his mouth works its magic. Cook does the same on Knoxx's asshole, rimming him to a squirming reaction until they move to the living room where Cook bangs the hell out of his annoying BF's ass until they both shoot buckets over the bottom's torso.

del Rey and Konnor

The scene between del Rey and Konnor is equal parts hilarious characterizations and animalistic sex. They're both content creators with del Rey answering Konnor's add to come over and be the bottom for a new scene for his JustFor.Fans page. Unfortunately the self-involved del Rey takes hours in Konnor's bathroom doing a funny take on the "how to" video by showing how to properly "bottom prep" using Konnor's shower douche. No, we don't actually see this part as this isn't that kind of video, but it's comically alluded to, especially in the middle of the fucking when they cut away from Konnor's massive member plowing del Rey's tight hole into oblivion to a shot of Konnor telling the camera "Well, at least we know he's clean!" BWAHAHAHA! The scene is mostly anal, with Knonnor ripping del Rey a new one in many positions that leaves both muscle men drenched in sweat and cum.

Franco, Travezz and Knoxx

Cook breaks up with his viperous BF Knoxx when he catches him selling his dirty underwear online, so Knoxx, celebrating his new relationship status as a marketing ploy, invites Franco and Travezz over for a breakup orgy which finds Franco on the top of the flesh mountain, fucking Travezz and Knoxx interchangeably when Travezz isn't deep in Knoxx's used hole. Knoxx of course enjoys his position on the bottom of both hotties with Travezz bent over his back, leaving both asses open for Franco's use until he fucks streams of jizz from both of them. It's a torrid encounter that leaves the dreadful influencer with just what he wanted: more fan-seducing content.

Donovan and Truong

In a scene that finally doesn't feature terrible behavior, Donovan and Truong are content provider buddies sharing the stage for an "unboxing video" where they try new products sent by different retailers. And this is where the film itself becomes an influencer of sorts, as the brands shown are actual products you can purchase yourself: Sukrew, TastyHole, and Fort Troff. It's a fun, lighthearted scene and a great way to end this flick, with fun sex between likable buddies as they show off the products. Truong loves the way Donovan looks with his massive cock hanging out of his Sukrew jock/thong and takes it with aplomb down his hungry throat. Next up we find Donovan eating Truong's hole out after applying TastyHole's edible body scrub for your asshole! I'm not so sure about applying an exfoliating scrub to an ass crack and then eating it out; I've lived in Hawaii and had sex at the beach, and can I just say...sand. But hey, the boys certainly look like they're having fun! Last up is Fort Troff's mechanized dildo the Missile Thruster, an imposing pumping machine that fills Truong's hole nicely before they switch it up, and Donovan slams his buddy's ass right and proper with his own manhood. Bent over the couch, Trung masterfully takes Donovan's thick pole, because nothing beats the real thing!

Head Over to Falcon Studios for individual scenes, or to their store for dvd purchase.

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