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Office Fucks, Camming, & Boobs: This Week’s Ask Chad!


Office Fucks, Camming, & Boobs!

There is so much shitty news in the world, why can't we just watch Housewives every hour of the day? Can everyone just take a fucking chill pill and CALM DOWN. It's Pride! Can the world just enjoy Pride and stop being a downer? Jesus. Well, not Jesus, but maybe his conservative politicians. ANYWAYYY...I'm just in a bad mood because Julie Andrews said it's too late for Princess Diaries 3. Is that a hate crime? I'm also in a bad mood because Ozark is over...BUT, Julie Garner (the frizzy blonde one) was offered  the role in the Madonna biopic. Directed by Madge herself. Oy. OH! Congrats, Rebel Wilson...she's gaaaaayyyy! Atta girl! She will star in the spinoff to Pitch Perfect called Puss Perfect.

Anyway, I loved reading all your questions this week. We had some interesting topics from wanting to start camming, to having a bi boyfriend, to office sex. Personally, I am the only one in the world that didn't go crazy for The Office...it needed more office sex! Anyway...here's what kept you up at night, head over to my page to see how I answered!

Dear Chad,

I’ve been hooking up with a co-worker friend since we got back into the office after the pandemic but now I feel over it but not sure how to break things off and still be cool. (A lot of times our hookups are at work, so it complicates things).

- Office Fuck


Dear Chad,

My boyfriend is bi and misses hooking up with women. We are not open, and I don't know what to do. It's not the same as cheating with another guy but am I small-minded to say it's still cheating? Help!

- Bi the Way


Dear Chad,

I am thinking about becoming a cam performer but my longtime boyfriend hates the idea of sharing me and is worried about my future. What do you think?

- Cam Cummer

Got a question for me? Nothing is off limits! Email me...send me your dick pics: [email protected]


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