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Cade Maddox Presents “Beautiful and Blonde: Ryan Stoner” Over at CadeMaddox.com


Hey, did you know super-hung porn superstar and Cybersocket Award winner Cade Maddox has his own website? He does! It's called, appropriately, CadeMaddox and damn, if he ain't showing off some super porn god sucking and fucking over there. See, porn dudes like him have fans and buddies they might wanna get busy with, and they don't have time to set up a studio shoot and all the productions and rigamarole that goes along with it. They just wanna get together and fuck, and get it on camera quick and easy. That's where their own websites, or OnlyFans or JustForFans comes in. Homemade content that looks great, made by pros in the biz in an amateur style. Like watching your favorite porn stars in their off hours.

Recently Maddox had his buddy Ryan Stoner over, and man did he have fun with Stoner's ass and mouth. Stoner is a cute blonde twunk who slavishly admires Maddox's engorged slab off daddy-ish dick, from the moment he walks in to the moment his colon is pumped full of man juice. They spend a bit of time kissing, but then it's off to dick-worshiping heaven as Stoner drops to his knees and does his utmost best at properly servicing his muscled god.

Choke on it, fucker!

Maddox has fun showing off his latest conquest for the viewers at home, putting on full display Stoner's well-defined body, his spread bubble butt, his hungry mouth. On his knees, Maddox is a tad aggressive, as Stoner allows, forcing his thick and hard pipe down Stoner's throat as the boy enlarges his esophagus, sputters, slobbers, and goes bleary-eyed with the effort of choking him down. Hands on the back of his head help him get a bit more in, but it really is a Herculean effort to give him a proper deep-throating. So let's get in that ass, shall we?

Maddox enjoys giving a nice rim job, kissing and sucking and teasing that hole with his tongue, fingering it deep to ready it for the pummeling to come. And it's a serious pummeling he gets, laid on his back with his legs splayed, his asshole open and ready (?). Maddox presses in and quickly takes to ramping up his driving speed, making his bottom-du-jour really feel what he came for. He wasn't hoping for no needle dick, and he ain't gettin' one! Maddox opens his hole wide, slamming him good as the kid's eyes roll back in his head, his head lolling back and forth with pure animalistic pleasure as his ass gets taken seven ways from Sunday. Not sure what God might have to do with this, but there ya go. Seven ways from Sunday.

By the time Maddox has finished off, pumping Stoner's backside full of his thick cream, his bottom has earned the right to blow his own load as Maddox continues fucking his not-as-tight-anymore ass until he spraying his own torso with jizz.

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