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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Winners Episode 4 Recap: Fairytale Tea & Spikes on the Runway


Hey kids! It’s Cake Moss and it’s your favorite time of the week! Let’s review these bitches!!! This week's episode is an acting challenge. Let’s see these hoes' chops! I can’t wait to see how this goes after Jaida blocking Jinkx last week. Let’s go!

Jinkx’s shade is next level with a side of sarcasm, and I love it! And now, she’s acting like there’s something with the plunger. LOL. The Vivienne needs to get outta her head. It’s still only episode 4! I love her. Also, it’s a reach they brought Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as a judge, seeing as the internet chased him off Canada's Drag Race and social media….

Yes acoustic "Bing Bang Bong"I can’t! Jaida shading Monet for not getting plunged yet is top tier. It's a teams challenge!!! Trinity and Jaida are captains since they were on top last week, and the teams they pick are STRONG! The category is : Fairytale Justice—a Judge Judy type show for fairytale characters.

Team 1 saw Jinkx and Jaida vs Yvie and Monet . This was great!!! Jinx and Jaida were just so on top of their lines, and they worked so good together. Yvie was kind of just giving Boogey Man from Snatch Game vibes, and Monet was giving me the Jersey Shore vibes from her season's acting challenge!

Team 2 had Shea, Raja, & Trinity vs The Vivienne. Shea is giving me drama downI love it. Raja is funny without even trying! “You’re from Glendale!” Trinity imitating Michelle is hilarious!!! Then The Vivienne is giving multiple personality disorder and it’s great! Fairytale Court was fun; I just didn’t get its purpose honestly, hopefully that was an improv/comedy challenge.

Can we talk about RU IN BLUE

Jinkx : love that back piece!
Monet : this look looks cunt and painful!
Yvie : that Gaga alien tea was everything!!!
Trinity: she bettah give me vampire tea!!!
Vivienne: giving me baby blue HellRaiser.
Raja : like a galactic She-Ra.
Shea : a literal piece of walking artwow just wow!

Ru is cracking me up today! But I legit can’t get over her look. The wig and garment are fuckin' beyond!!! And also………ANOTHER week of no negative critiques!! Congrats to this week's winners Jinkx and Vivienne! Well deserved! The Vivienne, you have a star now! Jinkx got blocked so she can't pick up a second star but she can get coins still, so boom!

This weeks song is “Love Will Save the Day” by Whitney. The Vivienne ATE THAT!!! Yes, $10,000 and a plunger for blocking. Who she gonna get!?!?! THE PSYCH OUT!!! I’m dead. She swooped away from Jaida at the last second and gave Monet the plunger! But Monet seems to have something up her sleeve for Miss Viv next week! It’s getting juicy!!! Have a safe Pride month kick off. And if you’re joining an orgy watch out for Monkey Pox! Until next week! Keep it cute kids! Xoxo.


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