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Pumping Up with AJ Sloan: 2 Core Exercises That Will Help You in Bed


Life is all about balance. So is sex. Keeping a strong core will help you maintain balance in the sheets (and out of them). There are many body-weight exercises that will assist in building up your balance to have you parkouring across the bed and onto that dick. Here are two that I regularly work into my routine.

Let’s begin with Mountain climbers. This sexersize hits all the right muscle groups (shoulders, arms, core) and will build up your coordination and balance as well. To do this exercise, get in pushup position. Bring one leg forward so your knee comes under your chest, with your back straight then alternate legs. I like to take it slow at first work my way up to going full throttle. There are many variations to this one once you get the basic movement down. Extra points if you bring opposite knee to opposite elbow.

Side lunges are also clutch when it cums to improving balance. Lunge to the right, keeping your right knee directly over your foot. Push off and raise yourself to standing, lifting the right leg off the ground and balancing on the left leg momentarily before going back into a lunge position. Make sure to do both sides. Be sure to get nice and low, and you will be ready to graduate to riding cock like an MVP in no time.

Now go get sweaty, you flexy fuckers, and wipe your goddam mouth off.

Until next time!  ✌ ❤️‍

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