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Great BateWorld Bate Off – Episode 5 Recap: Bators Spread, Squat, & Stand.


If four is a foursome, and five is an orgy, then we now have an orgy of challenges to enjoy from The Great BateWorld BateOff. And this fifth week is another three-step challenge featuring three of Coach's favorite bate positions: Spread, Squat, and Stand. Here are the three positions as modeled by BateWorld member biFITdaddy:





Up first is everyone's favorite stoner bator, Atlas420. Atlas starts out with legs spread wide right from the get-go, sitting in his incredibly well-lit living room. I love the domestic vibes he's serving up. You can tell how much Atlas is enjoying himself because he's rock hard and squirms with delight. After a little while spread out, he cuts to him squatted, and damn is this a good angle on him. Woof. And it's here that he tells us, "I love rubbing my big greasy cock." We love it, too, Atlas. We love it, too. After working himself for a while, Atlas finally shifts to the stand portion and gives us both close-up angle, as well as standing back with more of him in frame. Sticking true to form he didn't cum, but he stayed rock hard right up to the end, when he gave one last flick of cock which of course sprung right back up.


Ever the earthy bator, DragonPuppy3 starts off his portion of the challenge with thighs spread, but legs in a nice yoga position. His cream shag rug is spread on the floor, and his giant tub of coconut oil is next to him. He spreads that onto his hands, thighs spread, on the spread out rug; he always knows the assignment and always makes it very "him." DP3 spreads his legs fully and goes to work on himself with the zen-like focus I've grown to love about him. He gives us multiple camera angles. He also alternates between standing and squatting here, tackling the two at once and I'm very much here for it. I'm also here for the amount of moaning he does. I'm a sucker for a verbal guy. He finishes off his challenge, not without a few licks off his fingers, and the gives us a content peace sign goodbye.


Our third bator to show us what he's got is BrotherBator. BB opens up with an empty chair and a Marlboro background, really leaning into his ball cap-wearing country boy trade vibes. He enters frame, sits down, puts on his ball cap, and snaps his fingers at his ready-to-go cock. He smiles and says, "The Big BateOff Challenge" no doubt mis-titling it because he was looking at his big ole dick. "Let's get greased up," BrotherBator says, before serving us his apparent mantra, "The power of the penis." Now, I should say... on a personal note... I hate hearing dicks called penises. It's just so sterile and medical to me. And BB says it a lot of times in this challenge. Like... a LOT. In fact, he calls it everything but a dick. He calls it a penis, a boner, a dong, a penis erection, a boner dong, and every other variation of those words. It was a choice. But, I also know that different tastes for different people. So no points will be taken away from Slytherin House. BrotherBator sits between two wooden chairs facing each other, spreads those legs, and goes to town. He continues talking dirty to himself while he switches to squatting between the two chairs, now elevated, which was fun. After a few minutes more of messing with his...hard, fucking, erect, masturbation meat, BB now stands and begins to smack his cock around. I will say... that was hot. As per usual: no cum. But wow did he teach me some new phrases.


No story line to start him off this week, BigStiffy jumps right into the game. His entire approach this week is straight to the point and I fucking loved it. Laying on his couch, legs spread wide, and stroking his big ole dick, he gives us his first load quickly, and it's a good one for sure. Yum. Now in the squatting position, BS goes to work and bounces back and forth between a full squat, and sitting back on his legs. I liked the variety. After a longer few minutes of determined bating, BigStiffy gives a second huge load! Time to stand. Stand he does, and deliver yet a THIRD load he does. Bravo to you, BigStiffy. Three positions; three loads. My kinda guy.


"There you go, Bators. How's it going? Guess who's back for another challenge? Yeah. A ProudBator, and I really hope you guys vote for me." After starting off with a few firm and determined strokes, this welcome greeting is how ProudBator really starts his challenge. His ability to make this all feel so personal is one of my favorite things about him and why he's still leading my faves list. Legs spread wide, PB smiles his winning smile, flexes his muscular arm, and continues his impressively rhythmic stroke. Now in the squat position, ProudBator goes to town on himself again, and this time the strokes are even more rhythmic. Like a piston on a car. Still flexing, still smiling, still enjoying every single second of what he's doing. He's also serving some rough trade wearing work boots and a forward cap. Yum. PB finishes off with the standing portion, and lets us know he's gonna cum soon. And cum he does, shooting all over his hands, and giving us an immediate slo-mo replay. This guy gets me.


MasturOfMyBate finishes us off this week, and he finishes us off strong! Laying on his bed with an oscillating fan trying futilely to cool down this hot man, MOMB starts off stroking right away, legs spread on his bed, and some awesome Queer art behind him. MasturOfMyBate is great because his enjoyment from bating is so deep, and we get the joy of watching his eyes literally roll back from pleasure. Ripped body, and sexy nipple ring MOMB shifts to the squatting position and keeps doing his thing, moaning with delight. Eyes locked with the camera, MOMB sticks his tongue out and kinda challenges us a bit with how sexy he is. Love. And with that MOMB stands, and shoots a MASSIVE load. He's literally shakes his head in disbelief with how good it felt, and he falls back onto his bed for a few final strokes. With a few licks of his fingers, our week's challenge is complete. To quote his hat: WOOF.

Coach wraps things up for us as usual, aptly declaring "That is what we call 'bate fuel." Make sure you vote for your favorite! And as coach reminds us: Basic Members can vote once, and Premium Members can vote twice.

Cybersocket: Plug In. Get Off. Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected].

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