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Between The Cheeks: Sex Clubs & Water Sports (Vol 1, No 8)


Cybersocket Unplugged Ryan Carter

I'm Ryan Carter, an adult performer and unabashed ethical slut. Oh, and I'm also a licensed mental health professional. Get your head around those two professions colliding! I have a unique perspective on gay sex, performing sexual acts on camera, and in understanding human behavior, relationships and psychology. I sometimes know too much and it can help or hinder my sex life.

Mostly, though, it helps my sex life. Particularly when I go to sex clubs, like Cathedral City Boys Club, aka CCBC, which bills itself as the 'The Largest Clothing Optional Gay Men's Resort in Southern California." It's actually a nude gay resort/hotel, but you can get a day or evening pass and cruise the grounds for easy sex. On busy nights, especially for events like Cumunion, Wet 'N Hot or Palm Springs Leather  Pride.

Slut Night

One bored night, me and Digger, my husband and adventure partner, along with our chosen family member, Badger (his pup nickname), decided to go out looking for trouble which is our way of saying we went cruising for random sex. We went to CCBC and bought evening passes, which give you a locker, towel, and access to the play areas of the property. We get to out lockers, strip down to our jock straps and immediately go cruising. We start with the cruising walk path, and each of us catch a random cock in our asses. So the night is off to a good start. We decide to split up because cruising in packs almost always means you'll get passed over by other men.

I go back around the pathway again, but this time by myself. I came across  a sexy older guy leaning against the wall in a jockstrap, grabbing his bulge and making eye contact with me telling me loud and clear he wants to plant his dick in my ass. I walk right up to him and brush my hand against his dick then drop to my knees. He pushes my face into his musky smelling jock and tells me to lick his hard dick through the fabric. I was so turned on! With one hand he pulled his waist band down and with the other he pushed my face into his bush of pubes. He says, "I know who you are and I know what you like. Open your mouth, boy, and get ready to swallow." Here's when being a recognized porn star pays off! He starts to piss in my mouth and hold my head so I don't pull off his shaft. The stream starts slowly and quickly begins to shoot forcefully down my throat. "Swallow it all, faggot." Another random guy comes up behind me and pulls my hips up. I feel a hard cock push into my ready hole. A few guys circle around to watch the show, which turns me on even more! The stream of piss shooting down my throat slows down and the guy's dick gets hard from me sucking him. He throat fucks me as another anonymous guy mounts me from behind. I stop to look, but the alpha top, grabs my head and prevents me from looking, "Who's fucking you is none of your business." I'm wildly turned on now and my rock hard dick is leaking precum, which I can feel seeping out of me and making a wet spot on my jockstrap. The guy I'm blowing announces, "Here it comes, boy, swallow it all," and gobs of sperm shoots into my mouth as his veiny uncut cock throbs with each pulse. I swallow all as it as I'm told. I think three guys fucked and bred me while that was happening, but who can be sure?!

Digger and Badger walk up and ask how I'm doing. "Great!" I enthusiastically replied. "Let's get something to drink," Digger says and the three of us march in a line out of the pathway and towards the vending machines. We each get a drink and get into the massive hot tub. That's when two super hot, smooth muscle guys get in with us. I swear this could have been a scene in porn. Digger, the most personable among us, strikes up a conversation. They're two DL military guys and Digger has one guy's dick in his mouth in like 3 mins. I'm always impressed with how slick Digger can be, even though I've seen him do this at least a hundred times. Digger and the two guys start to leave the hot tub, and Digger motions for me and Badger to follow. We don't hesitate and within seconds the 5 of us end up on two chaise lounges on the grassy lawn, sucking and kissing like impassioned mad men. As soon as we're all fucking, a crowd gathers to watch and jerk off, which I love!! We fuck each other for about 15 minutes until we're all pumping loads inside each other and leaking sperm.

Digger, Badger and I all look at each other, tired and drained, say in mangled unison, "Let's go eat!" Digger follows up with what we're each thinking, "It's not gonna get any better than this!" So we pull ourselves together, go to the locker room for our clothes, get dressed and leave for Denny's.

Playing with my husband and having these adventures is only possible because we're totally honest with each other about what we want, what turns us on, and that we own our pig sides. Communication is keyboth before and after an adventure. At Denny's that night, we all share our stories with each other, which are a combination of fun, sexy and downright filthy. My stories tend toward the filthier side, which I'm good with. 'Cause, hey, it's what I like! Ain't nothin' wrong with that!  Its's also why I keep a cabinet full of antibiotics at home. I was a  Boy Scout; I'm prepared!


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Twitter: @RCandDigger.

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