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Gear Up for the Hottest Challenge Yet — The Great BateWorld BateOff Competition: Episode 4 Recap


We're four weeks deep into The Great BateWorld BateOff, and Coach is really starting to lather up some sexy challenges for us to enjoy. This week opens up with a ball gagged and masked Coach as he introduces us to this week's challenge: Bating with Gear and Toys, and reminding us that "toys are always fun, and gears are always a nice fun enhancement." I couldn't agree more, Coach!


Starting off this week's challenge is the absolute bae that is ProudBator. More like ProudBAEtor, am I right? ...am I right? *Sighs* This is why I'm single. I know we're only halfway done this competition, but ProudBator is so goddamn endearing and sexy. He starts off chatting us up, and gives us not just one load, but multiple loads. After about thirty seconds or so, PB lets out a few spurts of cum that are essentially just the greatest precum ever. Not a full load, but a hell of a lot more than your average precummer. "Let's continue. That was just the beginning, really." He continues working his huge cock, now with his own cum as lube, and lets us know that this is "by far [his] favorite toy." After a few more minutes of bating, flexing, smiling, talking, and just all around winning me over, PB finally lets out his full load, and you can quite literally hear it slam on the floor. WOOF.


Next up is the ridiculously hot BrotherBator, who starts off in his standard sunglasses and ball cap, and a branded "Bb" shirt. I wonder if BrotherBator also likes to BareBack. What I do know is that according to BrotherBator, "this bate is brought to you by the letter B." One can only hope. He's also sitting next to a table that has not one, not, two, not three, but FOUR Fleshlights at the ready. I like a man who comes well-equipped. And with his big dick just laying on his thigh at the start, BrotherBator is definitely well-equipped! But the Fleshlights aren't BB's main point of focus at the start. There is another "little piece of hardware" that's got his dick springing, and it's called The Verge Ring, by WeVibe. It's bluetooth enabled to an app, and the cycle of vibe sensations makes it a great way for him to vibe on his balls "and start off a really great, soft, dry edge-bate." After a sexy minute or two with the Verge Ring, BB shifts gears to two cock rings, one on his balls and one on his cock. You remember the table full of Fleshlights? Well, BrotherBator brings those into play, and makes sure to utilize all four. Stroking, fucking, and enjoying each in a different way/angle. I've also come to a realization while watching this show, that just because I want BrotherBator to finish his challenges with cumming, doesn't mean that's how it should be done in terms of the art of bating. In other words, the withholding of cum may not be my preferred style of bating, but for many it's the best. So even if I don't see his cumshot by the final episode, huge respect to the guys on here who are sticking to their form.


Speaking of the bators who are the ultimate edgers, Atlas420 dives right into the meat of the challenge and starts off with his big cock gripped by a Fleshlight. I've managed to forget what a beautiful set of balls he has, but here we are... reminded. Woof. After working his dick for a while, with a few different camera angles, Atlas decides to combine both toy and gear into one by putting his Fleshlight into a sneaker and spending the rest of the challenge fucking the hell out of it. He also starts leaning into the dirty talk, which I'm definitely a fan of. "Take my fucking big dick, you pussy." Yes, Sir. Atlas fucks this Fleshjack so well, that although he's a bator, it's clear he's got some damn good stroke game, as well. And like I said in the last paragraph, I no longer have an issue with Atlas not cumming at the end of the videos. That's his style, and the fact that now I want to see it even more is no doubt a part of his game. Respect.


Ever the earthy bator, DragonPuppy3 starts off his part of the challenge in a sexy yoga pose, looking as calm and cool as can be. He introduces us to one of his favorite toys, "a bator stone." He describes it as, "a piece of rose quartz crystal with a concave section... and a flat piece. It's basically a little disc." He goes on to talk about the supposed properties that stone is imbued with, and I'll leave that to you to research. But if his anecdotal evidence is to be believed then I'm gonna buy some stock in rose quartz mining! He does something in this video no one has done yet, and I absolutely loved it: he gave us a flashback moment! While describing the effects of the rose quartz, DP3 cuts in a clip of him shooting a massive load with the stone in his grip, and I'm here for the editing! While he's bating with the stone in the challenge, DragonPuppy3 says, "this rose quartz reminds me how much I love myself and what a self-love practice masturbation can be." And that's the core of this competition isn't it? How amazing self-love is when you connect it to your carnal needs. He talks us through his philosophies of self-love throughout the rest, and then at the end gives us one hell of a load, covering his hairy torso.


Our fifth competitor to show us his gear and toys is MasturOfMyBate. Besides how hot his body is, besides how hot his dick is, and besides how sexy his face is...there is something about the way MasturOfMyBate works the camera that I just can't get over. Every time I watch MOMB do his craft, his eyes are challenging me to join with him. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't join him a few times. MOMB starts off sitting up and wearing nothing but his backwards cap and a sexy as harness that doubles as a cock ring since the two are one piece of gear. He sits back on his bed, adjust his hat, and goes to town with his unique and sexy grip of his. There's never a lot of frills or games with MOMB, and I love this about him. He's hot as fuck, he knows what he likes, and he chills with a great bate sesh. He also knows that he's hot as fuck, and I love that confidence. It oozes into his bate sessionsespecially when he flexes and kisses his bicep. Mmm. After a few minutes of bating and playing with his nipples, MasturOfMyBate lets out a very satisfied breath and shoots a nice fat load onto his thigh. And whoever is behind the camera also loved it, because we hear an instinctual, "Oh damn" whispered as MOMB cums. Oh damn is right.

Big Stiffy

Finally, we have a big finish to the week, with BigStiffy. BigStiffy starts off laying on the coach rocking a classic black leather harness and equally classic shin-high socks, and working his cock with one of those gel grip things that hugs your cock and acts like a palm-version of a Fleshlight. I don't know what these are technically called, but if BigStiffy's moans of delight coupled with his "Oh my god"s and his "holy fuck"s are any sign of how good they feel then I should probably buy one. Because the gel grip is also so squishy, BS' portion of the challenge was giving me major porn ASMR vibes that I was EXTREMELY here for. BS works his cock aggressively and with an intense concentration that I've grown to love about him. He's clearly passionate about bating, and his passion shows through. And when it's time to cum, BS rips off the ribbed gel covering from his cock and shoots a delicious load onto his chest. He looks up at the camera... and smiles. His job is done for the day.

Coach finishes us off as always by reminding us that now it's time to vote! Basic members of BateWorld can vote once, and Premium members can vote twice. Watch and vote at BateWorld.com.

Cybersocket: Plug In. Get Off. Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected].

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