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Flashback Friday Flip-Fucks at Falcon Studios With Michael and Phillip


Falcon Studios basically wrote the manual on gay porn as we know it today, so it's only natural that I often go to them for awesome retro, vintage material. They might not have done it first, but early on they did it best and with the hottest men. "Weekend Lockup-Enhanced" is no exception. It's listed with this as it's title as it's the other scene in "Weekend Lockup," the other being that amazing threesome with All Parker, Will Seagers and Allen. This is actually called "Thrust After Thrust" and is basically an add-on to the prison threesome. It's a simple one meant to highlight the talents of its two performers, Michael and Phillip, last names not needed. These two handsome studs are uniformly muscularly fit without being bulging gym-bunnies. They both come off as Regular Joes, with Michael's darker locks and hairier bod matching nicely with Phillip's drifter vibe and porn stache. They mutually suck and flip fuck until some magnificent cum loads are produced with stunning effect.

That's Michael on top.

Meeting up in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco, they head indoors and get right to it. Hey, I said it was  simple scene. No frills, all action. You get the sense that Michael is the younger of the two; he comes off as a slightly more nervous and eager youngster to Phillip's wiser lothario of sorts. Phillip is the aggressive bottom who dives for Michael's long, thick cock, pulling it out of his pants and wrapping his luscious lips around it, the hairs of his 'stache swiping gently up and down the shaft as his head bobs up and down. But these are two vers guys, and Phillip stands so he can feed Michael his own piece of meat, grabbing the sides of his head and face fucking him with expert intensity. But Phillip's back at it, and damn is this guy an oral aficionado, working his tongue and mouth all over Michael's body, from his fine chest, down around his cock and balls, down to his toes and feet before coming back North to work that furry crack. And laid out next to each other on the carpet, they go at each other in a voracious 69 as both mouths are stuffed with thick dick pummeling their throats as fingers work their way into hairy holes.

Michael is the first to get fucked, lifting his hairy legs, his muscular thighs and haunches pressed firmly into his chest as Phillip takes his hole with powerful, manly thrusts that pin him to the ground.

On his hands and knees, Phillip's asshole is almost wrecked by Michael's tumescence as he pummels and pounds and drives his pole deep in that delicious hole. Shifting to ride him cowboy style, shifting again to get into a shoulder-crushing pile driver, shifting again to get back underneath, Phillip apparently can't get enough of Michael's grinding masculinity as he gives himself up completely to his buddy's desire. Michael eventually delivers a fantastic load of cream over Phillip's spread cheeks, but dear lord, Phillip's ropey strands of jizz spewing out thickly onto Michael's waiting tongue and slurping mouth is what porn endings should always look like.

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