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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Winners Episode 2 Recap: Ultimate Snatch Game


Legendary Los Angeles drag queen Cake Moss is known for her music, her OutAtTV show Cakes Cannabis Corner, and her iconique performances at Micky's. And now she's joined Cybersocket to recap 'RuPaul's Drag Race'.

Episode 1 started off with a BANG! Episode 2 is gettin shady... Hey ladies! Cake Moss back again with another review of episode 2! I’m not too sure who Daphne Guinness is? But she’s a style icon apparently. Monet's like "I don’t wanna be a bad guy, let Shea be shady!" The girls all have the same plan: to block for the girls with stars already, which makes sense. This weeks maxi challenge is SNATCH GAME!!! Yes kids, Snatch Game in the second episode, and you have to impersonate 2 celebrities this snatch game. They got this! They have winner money. They’ll be fine. This is the Olympics of Snatch Game! I’m excited to watch how this pans out. The choices are very interesting because so many celebs!
Trinity: Leslie Jordan and Satan
Raja: Madame & Diana Vreeland
Monet : Mike Tyson / Martin Lawrence as Sheneneh
Vivienne: Joanna Lumley / Catherine Tate
Yvie : Rico Nasty / Boogey man
Jinkx : Natasha Lyonne / Judy Garland
Shea : Elsa Majimbo / J Alexander
Jaida : Prince / Lady Chablis

This was actually very good the first round before they switched, 'cause then it got even better!!! This season is so fucking good! These ladies are all out here proving why they won their seasons. Jinkx, Trinity, and Raja really gave it to me the whole time! Jinkx won that Shit DOWN!!!  The girls getting ready and congratulating each other is so needed to be seen in the workroom.Sometimes it gets toxic in there... Ru's main stage is very on brand; she’s flawless per usual. I think the theme is pleather or leather on the runway?
All the looks were great on the runway, but none of them super stood out to me and make me verbally gasp like last week. Another week with NO negative critiques for the girls. Wowthis is interesting!

The top 2 All Stars of the week were Jinkx and Trinity the Tuck! Sadly, Trinity can’t win her legend star cause she was blocked last week by Shea, but she can still snatch $10,000 and a plunger! Why does Trinity look like Wynona Judd though? This lip sync was close but miss Jinkx won! Her wig didn’t almost come off. Who’s she gonna block?!? SHE GOT SHEAOH NOOOOOOOO!!! At least she was a good sport about it. This season is just beginning and this shit is intense! I can’t wait to watch the rest with y’all! Hope you’re enjoying my reviews, and I’ll see you next week for the Winner's Ball! Stay safe this weekend and come to brunch! I host every Saturday at Micky's here in West Hollywood at 1pm! Let’s talk shit and get day drunk!

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