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Popular Go-Go Boy & Designer Prince Joshua Banned From TikTok


Prince Joshua is one of our nominees for Go-Go Boy of the Year at the 2022 Cybersocket Awards. The recent Los Angeles transplant uses his social media platforms to talk about queer and sexual education while promoting an all-accepting environment, but got his TikTok account banned for “violation of the Adult Nudity and Sexual Activities policy,” per an email from the company without further explanation. We took a deeper look into this section of the TikTok Community Guidelines to investigate what could have prompted this violation and found that they state: Do not post, upload, stream, or share: content that depicts a sexual fetish. See the video below from Prince Joshua’s deleted TikTok account.

The only violation we imagine that TikTok could name within their Community Guidelines was his verbal use of the word “kink”, but this is far-fetched with the existence of searchable categories like #kinktok with 10.3 billion views. The Community Guidelines also state: Do not post, upload, stream, or share: content that depicts, promotes, normalizes, or glorifies sexual violence, while allowing content like the below from other (heterosexual) accounts to remain active.

@88russell_ This will get em swoonin #fyp #kinktok ♬ original sound - 88russell

Found under #kinktok with over 200K Likes

A quick internet search will show that the social media platform has had a significant history of censoring LGBT+ content, with some sources reporting that its algorithm has promoted violent anti-LGBT+ content. Prince Joshua’s video had nearly one million views before the account was banned. “It’s frustrating having a following then being completely removed and not even paid the amount TikTok owed me in my Creator Fund,” he says. “I am in the process of appealing the violation, but have not had any success. I want us all to hold the app accountable and hold us all to the same guidelines as it feels like I have different rules to abide by.”

See the rest of Prince Joshua’s videos from his deleted TikTok account where he discusses consent and make sure you follow his other social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter.


Videos courtesy of Prince Joshua.

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