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British Workies Having a Bang For Ya at Raw Road Nation


I love Raw Road Nation because I love British workies, those blue collar workmen just doing an honest day's work until they can get home, pull a beer, and wank one out. And if their mate give's 'em a hand, or a mouth, or an ass, then all the better! Here's two scene from Raw Road Nation to whet yer whistle for what's going down on the other side of the pond.

"2 Grubby Worker Mates Milk Their Dirty Cocks." That's not my description, that's the actual title. Hey, no one said they were in this to display a subtle turn of phrase; they say it like it is! They're gruff, amateurish, and go straight to the point, which is to plug holes and get off. Here, Brunette worker enters, still clad in his uniform giving this a bit of blue collar kink, and shoves his dick deep down his buddy's throat. Top man is pierced and hairy and all about taking charge. He unzips and grabs the back of his buddy's head, shoving his full package deep into his friend's mouth and pumping hard against his face as our bottom boy, with his cute scrubby beard, seems to have no problem taking it all in, savoring the funky manliness he's rocking after a hard day's work. He climbs on top of the bottom's face and fucks his skull good, trying and failing to make the kid gag. Our bottom's just an open hole, accepting all manner of length and girth. Bent over the bed, his ass cheeks splayed, he takes that thick meat deep, backing up on it to get it all, and laying out flat so he can truly submit to his buddy's needs before his backside is cum splattered. Just the way he likes it.

Or how about a threesome? In "Bum Chum Builders Go Bareback" we have a trio of workers. Let's call them Brunette, Braided and Ginger. Relaxing after a hard day, they get back to their motel, crack some beers, and dive right into Braided's hole, spreading his cheeks to lap between his buns before offering up their cocks to his hungry mouth. Getting fully naked, Brunette and Ginger take turns on Braided's asshole, making him their bitch by plugging his ass while feeding his eager throat. Ginger likes some ass play as well, and after a mad contortion, Brunette has a double-headed dildo working into both their asses. But Braided is a cum slut, giving Ginger the impetus to breed his backside with his creamy cum while Brunette splatters his mouth with his spunk.

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