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Bully Him Has Lawson James Coaching Alfonso Osnaya With Some Close Moves In the Locker Room


Bully Him, the newest site in the Say Uncle line, has managed to fetishize gay men's fear of childhood torment. With scenes featuring mostly classroom and locker room bullies, the scenes are a total turn-on, provided, of course, you don't become completely triggered back into your own personal trauma. But hey, who am I to judge anyone's fetish or what gets them going? In "After Practice Fun," the "bullying" aspect of the site is given only scant play, as this is more of an older/younger scenario with some definite power play at hand, but consensual fun had by all.  Lawson James and Alfonso Osnaya are two Latino hotties separated by many years age but no separation in masculine desire.

James is Osnaya's Coach, and I love me a good Coach fantasy. The smell of sweaty jocks pungent in the air as the testosterone takes effect, the heady scent of masculinity and wanton desire, is all better than poppers to urge a dude to pop a boner and see where it goes. Here, the two have just come off the practice field and Coach James has some pointers for his player. James, of course, approaches his player before he's had a chance to put his clothes back on, so standing exposed in his jockstrap, the boy has no choice but to acquiesce to his coach's commands. As he moves his player through a demonstration, the young man's jock-clad bubble butt presses erotically against the older man's crotch, causing his manhood to swell, which neither can ignore. Coach pushes Osnaya to his knees and hauls out his hardening cock for the kid to work on.

As Osnaya deep-throats his tool, James strips off his clothes to reveal his gorgeous build and hairy chest, a truly masculine body with Daddy flair to boot for the horny young man to savor. He's a masterful cocksucker, taking it all in as James places his hands on the back of his head, pushing him further into his crotch and face-fucking his mouth with aggressive abandon. Flipping the kid onto the bench, it's James' turn to get a mouthful of flesh as he spreads the jock's buns and drills his tight hole with his tongue, working his bearded face over his smooth cheeks and driving him nuts as he works his hole, making Osnaya quiver with anticipation.

When he stands and presses his flared head between Osnaya's crack, the kid accepts it willingly, even eagerly, pushing back to get every inch in that he can and giving his coach the cushion for his pushin'. Plowing his player's ass, James looks fantastic as his own fur-covered chest swells and sweats with his efforts, pinning Osnaya to the bench with every thrust of his powerful thighs and ass as he drills in deep. Moving to a reverse cowboy, Osnaya works his asshole to feel James' dick against the sweetest spot deep inside, taking him over the edge as he jacks his creamy load all over the floor before he takes James' own spunk to his smiling face.

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