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The Hottest Guys Competing in the Eurovision Song Contest (Part 2)


Today is the day…it’s the Eurovision big Grand Final! We’ve introduced you to some of the acts to watch, and some of the acts to just plain stare at. If you are still thirsty for more hot European music studs, check out the list below and see if you can pick the winner who will take it all tonight!

Sheldon Riley - Not The Same – Australia

The frontrunner to win the whole damn thing is Sheldon Riley representing the magical land of Oz. Y’all, this performance. It has drama and flare and fashion and vocals and heft. Lady Gaga could never. The message is powerful and makes a bold statement about not being the same…something every LGTBQ+ person has felt. The outfit is so avant-garde and chic that Billy Porter himself is likely green with envy. And the RuVeal at the end of the song, so powerful and heartbreaking. Everyone use your gay witch powers to make this star the winner.

STEFAN - Hope – Estonia

Stefan representing the small but mighty Estonia is bringing your cowboy fantasy to life! In this video he tames that big wild stallion, and even though he is not riding bareback like a true cowboy would, he can ride that horse and sing while doing it.

Ochman - River – Poland

The obvious move here is to make a sexy reference to this hot Polish sausage, and while cliché, it is oh so fitting. Ochman answers the age-old question about what happens to a cute twink when he is no longer a twink anymore. I will also give props where props are due, cause this boy can sing. His technical vocal skills are top notch, as I’m sure all of his oral skills are. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in one of the top places at the end of this competition.

Malik Harris - Rockstars – Germany

The song is only so-so but the singer is so, so dreamy. That baby face and angelic smile are a dangerous combination. Mix in those bedroom eyes and Malik Harris is a walking wet dream. Sort of a German Pete Davidson. Though he is not in the favorites to win, he is certainly amassing a fan base of thirsty tween girls and hungry gay bears and daddies. Mix those two demographics together and he could sell out Madison Square Garden.

We reduced these talented musicians down to the sexy eye candy they all are, but let’s also take a moment to applaud the artistry, pageantry, and talent that makes Eurovision such a fun event! Each contestant has worked tirelessly to put together the strongest original song and show the world what their country means to them. And while we are secretly just hoping Australia wins it all, we can cheer for everyone participating. I can’t wait to see who from this year’s talent pool will become the next Celine or ABBA or Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. And I also can’t wait to see who from this year’s contestants will be the next big OnlyFans star. Either way, I am subscribing. Take my money.

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