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Mid-Week Pop Culture Wrap Up (Part 1): What You Need to Know in TV, Music, & Celeb Headlines


It is hard to keep up with everything going on in entertainment, so here is an easy wrap up for you to keep up with everything. And yes, this is probably the only instance that you’re glad to hear a gay guy say, “wrap up.” Check out what is on our ‘It List’ for mid-May and try to keep up with it!

Stream It

Senior Year (Netflix – Friday, May 13)

Rebel Wilson is ready to debut her hot new bod in this raunchy flick that will take you right back to your horny high school days secretly jerking off in your basement to Freddie Prinze Jr. in She’s All That while your parents think you’re doing Geometry homework. This NSFW comedy is a laugh riot and also features walking wet dream Justin Hartley. To see just how NSFW he gets in the movie, you’ll have to watch!

The Lost City (Amazon and all digital platforms – Tuesday, May 10)

If you missed it in theaters, this week is your chance to catch the spicy rom-com that lampoons those racy romance novels and pairs gay icon Sandy Bullock with, let’s be real, gay icon Channing Tatum. While the movie was tamed down to better suit the wider ranging prude audiences (even the title got SFW’d and changed from The Lost City of D to its current shortened name The Lost City). You may have missed seeing Tatum’s perfectly chiseled bare ass on a giant movie theater screen, but now you can stream it and pause at just the right moment to rub one out.

Speaking of Channing Tatum...

Dog (Amazon and on Blu-Ray – Tuesday, May 10)

This one definitely lacks the sexy stripper content that Channing Tatum usually brings to the big screen, but it is a captivating story with a lot of heart. And you still get to stare at Tatum’s panty-dropping grin and boner-inducing muscles, so even if you aren’t a dog person, this one is still for you. *Spoiler alert – the dog does NOT die at the end, so you can relax and just enjoy the movie. You should still have a box of tissues handy (for your tears, not your cum, you perv).

Stroke It

Jesse Williams – Nude Leak

There is a hero in the gay community. We don’t know who he is, and his identity at this point is best kept a secret. Whoever he is, he snuck a camera into the Broadway play Take Me Out and recorded a steamy hot scene where Grey’s Anatomy hung star Jesse Williams bares it all, and shows full cock and ass. These pictures and videos made their way to the internet, and we will be stroking to them all month long. Read more about it here.

Listen to It

Mandy Moore – In Real Life

We are obsessed with Mandy Moore and her massive comeback. Between being the lucky lady on the receiving end of the very sexy and naked Milo Ventimiglia in This is Us to Silver Landings, her first studio album in over eleven years, Mandy Moore seems unstoppable. In Real Life is her follow-up album where she really gets to showcase her unique voice and sound. Bonus – she collaborates with her sexy husband on some tracks, so you can hear the couple make sweet, sweet music together. Since there is most likely no sex tape leak in her future, this may be as good as it gets for us.

Florence and the Machine – Dance Fever (May 13)

The ethereal pop hybrid sound that Florence and The Machine created is stronger than ever in this new album featuring 14 songs that weave together to tell a fascinating and odd story that only this group could pull off. You’re certain to start hearing these tracks and their inevitable dance remixes at your local gay watering hole, so better get listening now so you don’t miss a beat when you are grinding on some hot meat on the dance floor.

“Hold My Hand” – Lady Gaga (Spotify/Apple/Amazon etc.)

Lady Gaga was hand selected as the balladeer for the new Top Gun movie starring Glen Powell, who has a smile that can take your breath away. This song is the title song for the film and may even bring Oscar gold to Lady Gaga’s well decorated mantle. I mean, she is no Berlin, but the song certainly slaps.

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 and find out what we are reading, what we are playing and more!

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