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Here’s An Asian Buffet From JapanBoyz and G-Dude For Your Mid-Week Meal


Feeling hungry? Well then here are two scenes from Asian-centric sites that'll quell your taste for something young and spicy. Here are two couples presented by JapanBoyz and G-Dudes to get you over those Hump Day blues. If you like what you see, just click on either site's banner to take you directly.

In their Wild Classroom series, G-Dude brings us Don and Fu in "Test Studying," two young men studying for exams who get riled up with boredom and decide to bone up for exams in a more fun way. These two cuties are both sporting smooth chests, tight, compact muscular frames clad in schoolboy uniform kink gear, and some seriously bad haircuts that make you just wanna take them in and say "Aw, honey, that's okay, you're still pretty." Seriously, Fu is much more attractive in some of his promo pics, so why the stylist made him look like he should be riding the short bus to school is beyond me. That's okay though; as he gets banged, his hair dishevels into something more honorable.

As they try to get work done in what seems like the tiniest classroom ever created, Fu is troubled by the difficulty of the material. Well, you know what always solves that? Making out with your study buddy and getting under the desk to suck his cock down your throat. Hey, always worked for me! Fu is a total bottom to his well-built friend, taking his dick down his throat before letting his ass get taken.

Fu Climbs On Board.

Bent over the desk, Don munches down on Fu's tight hole before sliding his hard-on deep inside and plowing his buddy with progressively more aggressive strokes, making Fu fill the room with his moans and groans. Picking his slight friend up, Don bounces him up and down on his powerful dick in his powerful arms making him steal with delight before he bends him back over to finish him off, spraying his jizz over his bubble butt buns.

Meanwhile in another part of the Far East, JapanBoyz has Reach and Zen hooking up in a hotel room in "Reach's Magic Medicine." Reach has been wanting to get in the blonde Zen's pants but has come down with a cold. (Shit, is this Covid porn?!) But Zen seems to have the miracle cure...in his pants!

Reach Sucks Zen

The two smooth hotties commence to kissing (cuz, you know, colds and stuff so why not?) before Zen is sucking down Reach's hard pole as he plays with his quivering asshole. Suck the illness out of him as a remedy? Maybe. But it's not working, so let's try another measure. Zen begins eating Reach's hairy hole out before lifting his legs high, getting his tasty dick in deep, riding Reach's ass to the end. I guess, fuck the illness out of him? Well, this certainly seems to make Reach feel better, as his energy seems to be returning, pummels by his buddy's cock, writhing and squirming underneath him as his ass gets used before cum loads are spewed in each other's faces.

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