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White Trash Wednesday Has Actual Anal! And A Homeless Dude.


Jocks and Nots, that's what Im serving up for this White Trash Wednesday. Defiant Boyz has Enzo, a jock hardbody who jacks a load; Str8 Boyz Seduced has two young guys who go from the girly mag to sucking and fucking; and Workin' Men XXX introduces you to Jerry, a homeless construction worker in the deep South who looks like he'd clean up real good if given half a chance. Like what you see? Just click on any of the sites' banner to take you directly.

Defiant Boyz give us another look at Enzo. The handsome young man has an awesome body: tight muscles that flex and bulge as he grips his tasty cock and jerks the life out of it. I love his full bush and the way his balls bounce vigorously as his hand works his hard shaft. This is the kind of guy you can create a myriad of fantasies about as he jacks off for you: football player relaxing after a hard game; construction worker you invite in for a cool drink after he's been sweating it out building you a new deck; straight bartender you chat up at your sister's wedding...the possibilities are endless. Who is this stud for you, and how does his rich load taste as it hits you in the face?

How cute are Sven and Bjorn over at Str8 Boyz Seduced? These two young's smooth hotties start off checking out the girls in a porno mag, which of course gets their dicks hard. When blonde Sven leans in for a kiss, Bjorn is hesitant but goes with it. Pretty soon they're trading BJ's, taking turns sucking down their fat, uncut slabs of meat before Sven has coaxed his buddy into a bit more. Carefully slipping it in Brown's virgin (?) asshole, Sven is soon pumping away, and Bjorn is loving it! specially when he climbs on top and rides it deep before ehe gets to blow his load in Sven's hungry mouth.


And finally we got this hardcore streetwise motherfucker. Jerry is your typical "model" at Workin' Men XXX: dirty, desperate, and horny. He's a mid-40's construction worker who, according to the scene description, recently lost his place of residence and was living on the streets. He looks like a rough trade kinda guy, but to hear him speak, he actually is probably quite sweet and gentle. He's just fallen on hard times. Hell, he could turn into that Michael Jeter character from The Fisher King. He;'s rough-looking, but loves jacking off for people, and when he gets going, his excitement is palpable, especially when he lets the site producer feel him up.

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