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Top Stud Parker Logan Bottoms For Zachary Rhys at Breed Me Raw


Over at Breed Me Raw, tall, big-dicked top man Parker Logan has never failed to excite as he bares his gorgeous furry chest, hauls out his impressive tool, and goes to town on the throat and asshole of some eager bottom bitch. So what's got him with his legs to the Lord and counting ceiling tiles as his ass gets stretched by hard cock? Why that would be the compact and muscular ginger Zachary Rhys working his own brand of magic.

Logan is an absolute stud as he lounges in a pool, his hat turned backwards, the thick links of a chain collar around his neck glistening in the sun, and the flecks of water glinting off his coppery bush of a beard. Granted, his temporarily dyed hair makes him look a bit like Divine's nemesis "Raymond Marble" in Pink Flamingos, but I'll let that pass. For now. When cutie patootie Rhys swims over and plants a lip lock on him, you're thinking "Aw, yeah...this is gonna get good." And yeah, it does.

The two rise, dripping wet, and saunter into the house where Logan is immediately face down and ass up with Rhys' cute stubble-covered chin digging in deep between his fuzz-covered butt cheeks. He has a gorgeous, beefy bubble-butt, and Rhys is ravenous with his tongue stuck in deep as Logan's gruff hands reach back and spread his buns nice and wide for easy access.


The two waste no time with superfluous cock sucking, though that does come later. Rhys pulls off, lubes up, and climbs Mount Logan to mount his bottom slab of manhood, sinking his hard cock in deep with one swift move as Logan tops from the bottom, commanding him to "get in there, give me that cock!" Logan squirms and grinds his ass beneath Rhys, begging for more cock, deeper cock, harder cock. When he flips over, we get a fantastic view of his richly-covered torso, the mass of hair that spreads over his chest and belly, and his hairy hole opened wide as Rhys pumps him, driving him quickly over the edge and jacking a creamy load of jizz.

But they ain't done, no siree; Logan keeps jacking and begging (and receiving!) a continual pounding as he continues to whack his meat, exclaiming he's still got cum dripping out. Rhys pummels and pumps, keeping Logan at full hard, pulling out only to stave off his own explosion a bit while he eats Logan's hairy ass. But he can't hold it off for very long when he dives back in, because holding onto Logan's still-hard pole is just too much excitement and he's soon creaming Logan's balls and shoving the whole thing back in.

Logan is really feeling every inch.

But hey, how about one last taste? He flips Logan over and his face is back in Logan's slimed crack, licking his own spunk and Logan's sweat, finishing with moving up to kiss his giant plaything in one last burst of masculine eroticism.

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