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Scott DeMarco Takes Nick Haynes’ Straight, Virgin Hole For Jason Sparks Live


Scott DeMarco and Nick Haynes are, simply put, a couple of studs. Both are youthful, built without being obnoxiously bulky, tatted, and innocently handsome-looking. Haynes especially has a "aw shucks' quality that just makes you wanna hold him and kiss, before throwing him on the bed. Which is kinda what DeMarco winds up doing! Haynes is our straight boy here, having ostensibly never bottomed before, or really been with a guy. Having had sex mostly with women, he's curious about dudes, and allows DeMarco to take things further with him than he's gone before. And he does this all for the rolling cameras at Jason Sparks Live.

They start off kissing on the bed, and it's kinda sweet to watch. Haynes' smoothness against DeMarco's scruffy bearded face is gorgeous to watch as they intrepidly peck, then tongues come out, then the intensity ratchets up until Haynes lets himself just go for it, tonguing and tasting his new buddy's mouth.

DeMarco swallows Haynes.

Of course, nothing eases a straight guy into gay sex like giving him a great BJ, and DeMarco does just that, laying Haynes back and going down on him like he's never been gone down on before. With his arms proudly behind his head, he watches as his dick disappears down DeMarco's throat, almost fascinated by the process, until he's rolling his eyes back in his head from the sheer intense pleasure. Now, not wanting to be outdone, most dudes feel compelled to one-up the other, because isn't everything a competition? So Haynes is curious about giving head, and gets on his knees to taste dick. "Hey Mikey! He likes it!" DeMarco's bone slides rather easily down Haynes' throat as our breeder seems to enjoy the feel of its fleshy hardness in his mouth. Gee, is there anywhere else a tongue can go?

Well, yes, actually, and Haynes is soon on all fours with his furry ass in the air, hands spreading his beefy buns and DeMarco's face buried between them, foraging deep as he tongues his buddy's hole while Haynes squirms and moans beneath him at the incredible feeling.

Wet, spread, and opened up with his butthole quivering, it's only natural that deMarco is invited to plunge deep in the holy of holies, pressing his engorged pipe against Haynes' virgin backside. Taking it gently at first, Haynes opens himself up and takes every inch, letting DeMarco slowly ramp up to a steady driving rhythm until he's getting pumped but good like any worthy bottom should. Pretty soon he's on his back begging for Demarco's creamy jizz to fill his hole as the two sweat and grind in beautiful unity. And with that, DeMarco earns his toaster oven!

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