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Flashback Friday Brings You More of Falcon’s Classic “The Other Side of Aspen” With Al Park and Casey Donovan


A Classic Gets the Remastered Treatment For a Reason.

Last week I wrote here about the Dick Fisk/Chad Benson scene from the Falcon Studios groundbreaking classic film The Other Side of Aspen and its importance and impact on gay porn, and gay representation as a whole. It initiated a move away from the idea that "gay=kink" and into a more palatable, acceptable, mainstream look for gays in porn, and possibly for gays in general. Whether that was a good thing or not is up to the viewer, but it started a trend towards healthy-appearing, smoother, tattoo-free dudes in porn that would continue for quite a while. This would be especially important as the AIDS crisis started taking hold a few years after this film's release.

In what's considered the star-making scene, Al Parker and Casey Donovan couple up for some truly uninhibited raunch. This film catapulted the both of them from 8mm loop performers and print models to porn superstardom. As Jeff Turk relates to his roommate the story of watching the sex take place through a window, we see it all unfold in a flashback. And we're dropped unceremoniously right into the middle of it, opening up with Parker and Donovan already naked and going at each other like wild animals. Parker always seemed to be having sex like it might be his last time, with unequalled fervor and energy. He and Donovan open their mouths wide and munch down on each other's raging boners and eager assholes like hungry lions taking down some prey.

Parker (on top) and Donovan in a hot 69.

With Donovan's meat enhanced with a cock-ring and Parker doing his signature move, wrapping the base of his cock and balls in a piece of leather strap to really tie if off tight, making it swell and hold firm, they gobble each other down in a hedonistic fashion that almost come off like a big "Fuck You" to the prevailing conservatism and bigotry at the time. As Parker rides his ass over Donovan's face and probing tongue, his dick sucking and handling of his buddy's package is almost as aggressive as his stretching and fingering of Donovan's hole, spreading his cheeks wide and ramming 1, 2, and eventually more fingers deep inside.

When Parker commences to fucking Donovan, his passionate masculinity and voracity shows no pause. Parker's pole is incredibly thick, stretching any hole wider than it's been before, and when he gets to pounding ass, his bottom needs to simply hold on for the ride, knowing he'll be walking funny for a while after. (In his own Surge Studios' Turned On, which he directed and stars in, he works not only his impressive cock but both his pendulous balls in a dude's ass at the same time. It's pretty amazing to watch.) Taken on his back with his legs high in the air, Donovan is pinned to the bed and can merely accept all that Parker is giving him until Parker pulls out to spray Donovan's torso with a geyser of cream and jacks Donovan's own spunk out of his dick, which he promptly leans over and cleans off with his tongue. While it's not included in this version, they did engage in an impromptu fisting session as Parker and Donovan were so heated up by their other activities, one thing simply led to another and the cameras just kept rolling as Parker opens Donovan up fully for his balled-up fist. You can find this included in the 2022 re-release of the full film.

Plug In and Get Off with the classics over at Falcon Studios. Just hit that pic below.

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