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Falcon/NakedSword’s New Full-Length “You Asked For It” Brings You What You’ve Been Searching For…Literally



That Google Search Brought You Here.

Ah, the world of social media, data algorithms and internet searches. All combined to bring you NakedSword Originals' newest full-length DVD, You Asked For ItThey took the top four gay porn search keywords and created four sizzling scenes based on those: double penetration, cum play, straight guy seduction, and brother fucking. There's a lot here to enjoy, and a lot of talent attached, as many of those involved are nominated for a 2022 Cybersocket Award in one or more categories. (Incidentally, you only have until the 5th to vote for your favorites at CybersocketAwards.com!) Directed by Marc MacNamara (nominated), and starring Roman Todd (nominated), Beau Butler (nominated), Reign (nominated), JJ Knight, Tristan Hunter, Cliff Jensen, Kaleb Stryker, Alex Mecum and Michael Boston (nominated), these top rated performers pull out all the stops to bring you all that you seek. "What does he do, this man you seek?" asked Hannibal Lector once. HE FUCKS! should have been Clarice's answer.

(L-R) Todd and Reign give Butler quite the O-face.

Things start off with a veritable BANG as Butler finds himself at the bottom of a double power fuck by Todd and Reign as he bravely and excitedly takes on the two incredible cocks. Yeah, like he or anyone was worried of his abilities to accomplish this! The man is a power-bottom if ever there was one, and he looks amazing doing it as the two have a delicious sword fight in his mouth before they work both poles up his stretched-out, award-winning ass. It's a sexually intense scene that ends as it should, with Butler's handsome scruffy face getting creamed by two big loads as he licks his lips and chin clean, delectably playing with the ropey strands.

Knight and Hunter "Time, its trick is you and me, boy." (David Bowie) 

Knight and Hunter are two smooth, tatted, well-endowed brothers coupling up in what looks like a leftover set location from Ally McBeal. It's cool, and they look amazing in it as they stand and pose before coming together to engage in some torrid mutual cock sucking, acrobatically bending all over the furniture to get their dicks and mouths at terrific-looking angles. But this is about big bro fucking little bro, and Hunter's tight ass gets taken by Knight's thick tool in several tantalizing positions as it fills his hole before he takes Hunter over the edge, fucking a creamy load from him before he adds to the slick mess all over his taut torso.

Jensen eats Stryker's hole.

Stryker is the youngster at the gym who's been craving Jensen's straight cock, so when he finds himself alone in the sauna area alone with his stud crush, it doesn't take much convincing to let him show him how a man can service him. The door is locked, so Jensen feels safe his secret tryst won't be found out, and he lets Stryker work his magic as he sucks and licks his thick meat. Bending over in the whirlpool, Stryker takes that impressive pole up his ass, letting Jensen feel a tight ass wrapped around his cock instead of, well, whatever he's been fucking previously. This may not be the most sexually energetic of scenes, as Stryker never seems to be able to suck Jensen's girthy cock down as deep as we'd like, or let him really go to town and slam his hole to the balls, but Jensen's rugged looks with his shaved head, tats and fuzzy torso, are enough to carry the viewer through to a satisfying end.

Boston Fucks Mecum

The well-built jock-ish duo of Boston and Mecum spend the afternoon flip-fucking and sucking each other off in order to get the pumps spraying. While they look great with cocks drilling mouths and holes back and forth, the purpose is to spill the juice, and when they do, that's when they really have fun. Relishing the pre-cum and the eventual jizz, they love getting their loads in their mouths and all over their lips, kissing afterward, licking the cream off each other's faces, spitting it back and forth as it shimmers and gleams on their sweaty skin. Slurp!

Scenes from You Asked For It are dropping at NakedSword.com, while the dvd is available now at the Falcon/Nakedsword store. And don't forget to vote for your favorite performers!

Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected].

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