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Doris’ Dudes: The Men of Doris Day Movies


April 3, 2022 marked the centennial of one of our greatest classic screen stars: singer, actress, activist, and icon Doris Day. We lost Doris in 2019 at the age of 97, but she leaves behind an incredible body of work including 40 feature films, a hit TV show, and multiple Grammy-winning albums.

We love and remember Doris for her work as an entertainer and also an animal rights activist (hard to think who was the bigger dog lover between her and Betty White), but then there is one thing more we love Doris for: she worked with some super hot guys!

Let’s look at some of Doris’ Dudes!

Gordon Macrae

Doris made six of her earlier films with handsome baritone Gordon, including Tea For Two and On Moonlight Bay. These were pretty sugary period pieces that usually had Doris and Gordon pretending to hate each other before falling in love within 90 minutes. His strong voice and warm smile helped make it so believable though!

Howard Keel

One of Doris’ biggest hits was 1953’s Calamity Jane, in which she played the legendary (and pretty butch) gun slinging title character. Her leading man was the tall and handsome Howard Keel. A lot of gay jokes have been made about what secret Doris had in mind when she sang of her “Secret Love”

Jimmy Stewart

Another of her biggest hits was the Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Man Who Knew Too Much, in which she co-starred with the legendary Jimmy Stewart. The two play a husband and wife who find their young son abducted. The film included another of Doris’ signature songs “Que Sera Sera.”

Rock Hudson

Probably her most famous (and hottest!) costar, Rock Hudson and Doris made three now-classic sexy romantic comedies together. Unfortunately, we only saw Rock in the bathtub for one of them, 1959’s Pillow Talk, for which Doris received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Doris remained very close friends with Rock and helped him through his final years battling AIDS in the 1980s.

James Garner

Doris' other mega hunk costar in '60s rom-coms was James Garner. In 1963 they made The Thrill of it All and Move Over Darling. Though an off-screen romance was never confirmed, the chemistry between these two hot people was undeniable, and both later spoke of how attractive they thought the other was. James once said of Doris “She had the best ass in Hollywood.” James, your bum wasn’t so bad either…

Happy 100th Doris! Binge her classic films now.

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