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Justin Jett Has a “Resignation Surprisse” For John Rodriguez Over At Men At Play


Now That's What I Call a Severance Package!

What is it about a guy in a suit? His dapper threads wrapped round a hot body as he slowly begins to unbutton, enticing you as your temperature rises with each pop of a clasp and the slow undoing of his zipper. Men At Play brings you this clothing kink in perfect form, with its band of European brothers, many furry and bearded and strongly build, never bothering to shed all their clothes. In "Resignation Surprise," the scenario is one which takes advantage of a world-wide happening: masss resigning from jobs no longer suited to folks in the post-pandemic landscape. Bearded hottie Justin Jett has gone into his company's HR office to inform them of his decision to leave his post, but upon seeing smooth-faced hunk John Rodriguez,  has other plans. At last, he's gonna get this guy naked while he still has a chance!

Jett is quick to put the moves on the HR exec, beginning with rubbing his leg as they are discussing matters. Rodriguez is taken by surprise, but quickly succumbs to the man's charms. Standing, they engage in some pretty passionate kissing as their manly tongues swirl around each other, hands running up and down their suited bodies, feeling their fine forms beneath the fabric. Jett sucks Rodriguez

Trading BJ's, they let their hot mouths slide up and down hard cocks hanging out of their slacks. And damn, does Jett's face look amazing with a man's cock poking in and out o fit, his thick beard and 'stache scraping along the shaft as he wets it, tugging at Rodriguez's balls, then turning him around to much on his ass. He spreads his cheeks and digs in deep, munching away with hearty gusto, fingering his hole to prep it for his cock.

Standing, he presses in firmly and it's no time before he's slamming away at the executive, pumping in hard and fast and working up quite a sweat as he does so. But being no total top, he feels the need for some dicking himself.

Jett Takes Rodriguez's hole.

Rodriguez sucks on Jett's dick a bit more, then sits back in the office chair as Jett slides his tight hole over his manhood, taking in every inch as he pulls up on his cock and nuts-sack, giving us a great view of his being penetrated. Bouncing up and down on that meat like a cheap hooker in car's back seat, Jett fucks himself wildly on Rodriguez's pole until both are ready to spray their creamy loads.

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