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Sir Jet: Talks His Epic Ass & Epic Music, Getting Blacklisted from Studio Porn, & Finding His Voice Through Song


Sir Jet: All Hail the Queen!

Adult film star Sir Jet defies all social and porn norms on gender identity. With a perfectly chiseled body and masculine features, he is not afraid to play with his feminine side and is just as hot being fucked in a jockstrap as he is in high heels and lingerie. His impossibly perfect ass is one of the hottest in the industry and, this year, he's earned a Cybersocket Award nomination for Epic Ass.

In addition to pushing boundaries in the adult world, he is a musician and YouTube influencer. He used music to overcome his agoraphobia that literally left him mute. Through writing and performing his own songs, he was able to rediscover his voice. His worlds collided with his debut album, Empowered Bottom, that centered around his journey into porn. His YouTube videos offer messages of inclusivity and his mission is to break down gender norms and show that the male body is beautifulin women's clothing, in a jockstrap, or even just being nude.

This week, he released “Alive," his first release in two years. It’s produced by DJ Velvet Code, who is known for his Lady Gaga remixes, as well as for producing a single for Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 winner, Icesis Couture.

Sir Jet stopped by to spill the tea. We promise we weren't staring at his ass the whole time...allegedly.

What does the title "Alive" mean to you?

Originally I had wanted the song to be about the constant fear of time running out on life. I’m reaching that point where I’m constantly looking back at what I’ve done and judging it. A terrible habit I know, but it’s where my mind wanders in quiet moments. “What does it mean to be alive?” became the central theme of the song, and from there it became a song about that pattern we get stuck in where we question whether we’re really alive when life gets so practical and mundane.

What inspired you to release this single?

Making music is in my blood. I’m constantly coming up with concepts for songs, and ideas for videos in my head. Both my phone and laptop have hundreds of just random ideas in text documents. If I had the means, all I would do is make new songs. Since I recorded and finished all of Empowered Bottom by the end of 2018, I really wanted to get back into it. One random night at work I saw an ad for a new LGBT dance label on Instagram. I answered the ad and we started working on the track right away. The label is a Canadian-based company called So Fierce Music, founded by a remixer DJ named Velvet Code in 2020.

Do you feel being part of the adult industry limits your success as a musician at all?

Truthfully, seeing the results of songs I put out before I did porn and the results of songs I put out after, there really has not been much of a difference. Being an indie artist, in general, is an uphill journey. A good song though will touch you in a powerful way, regardless of what the performer has done in life, so in that sense, you really can’t get it wrong.

What is your creative process when writing a new song?

Words for songs usually come to me when I’m listening to other people’s songs. The music has to be blasting and usually, I’m razor focused and highly caffeinated during a workout. That’s one of the reasons I exercise so much, it helps me access my subconscious thoughts. Then I hire someone to create the music and help organize the lyrics better.

Who is your celebrity dream duet?

Absolutely Madonna. She is the queen of pop, and her songwriting just gets better and better with each release.

How did you get into the music scene?

I grew up afraid to speak and went through much of my teenage years whispering. When I was 18, I heard a random voice in my head tell me I should learn how to sing. Not only did I learn how to speak again through voice lessons, but I just wanted to keep going, developing my voice, and, through that, a passion for creating my own music grew.

Do you think mainstream media has evolved in dealing with masculine vs feminine limitations on performers?

I feel that every generation of pop music has its queer alternative performers. Sometimes they are rewarded for being different, and sometimes they just go unnoticed or are condemned.  Nothing is new though, and there is no way of knowing what will and will not be popular.

Do you feel the adult industry is inclusive when it comes to incorporating feminine elements in porn?

I have not seen anything myself in terms of inclusivity of the feminine male. The focus from what I have seen continues to be on faux masculinity.

Your debut single Empowered Bottom is hot! How can a bottom become empowered?

When I started doing porn, I received a handful of messages from people telling me they were disappointed in me because I was not vers. And I thought, “why should I become a version of me that appeals more to you than me?” And I met people who would tell me they felt pressured to be vers even though they were not. That’s where the concept of “Empowered Bottom” came from: we don’t need to please other people to be happy, we need to do what makes us happy. You become empowered when you realize you don’t have to change in order to please other people; have confidence in who you are.

What do you love most about exploring your feminine side?

I love that it’s who I am and I shouldn’t have to hide it. In everyday life, I talk a lot in my head voice, it’s natural to me even though it intimidates people who see my muscles and think it’s a contradiction. At the gym, I wear knee socks with hearts and butterflies on them. People may stare, but I’m at the point in my life where being feminine shouldn’t make me feel bad, it should make me feel good that I’m being who is natural to me.

What do you love most about bottoming?

Again it just feels very natural to me, and ever since I became sexually active it was just instinct to me. I’ve tried topping, but it feels very forced and uncomfortable, and I don’t really feel aroused. It’s never been a sexual role I’ve enjoyed. I can’t explain why but bottoming just has always suited me.

What other music can we expect in the future?

I’m currently working with Velvet Code on a second single, and our plan is to eventually release an EP. It will be the first project I’ve done as Queen Sir JET, as opposed to Sir JET.

What hot porn scenes coming up should we keep an eye out for?

Honestly, it’s been about three years since I’ve been booked for a scene. I was allegedly blacklisted after my first two scenes from the big studios, and a year later the smaller studios followed. The rumor is that the directors think I’m ugly and not marketable. I’ve been with three agents, contacted studios and directors directly, and I’ve changed my hair color three times, but still, I have been deemed not good enough for the gay porn industry.  The rejection used to weigh on me pretty hard, but I’ve been able to focus on other things so it doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

What do love and dating look like for you?

I’ve yet to actually meet someone whom I connect with. Dating has never really been a focal point for me. When I was younger, I would join dating apps and go on dates, but I wasn’t really into it. I’d like to eventually meet someone special, but I’m such an introvert that I’d also be ok with living the Whoopi Goldberg life.

What are the biggest assumptions people make about your career in the adult industry?

That I’m successful at it lol! A lot of people also assume I live in LA and have a sugar daddy. That would be nice, but no, I’ve yet to even maintain a long-term friendship.

How do you maintain that perfect booty?

The most important factor is mind over matter. You have to believe that you can create that perfect bubble and that the things you are doing to make it happen are working. I’ve watched a lot of booty-building workout routines on YouTube and from those kept up with the exercises that I felt worked for me. I also am a huge fan of Up Brands Plump’d Up booty oil. It really helps diminish any acne or red spots on the skin.

What is your message to your fans?

Don’t be afraid to like who you are. Whatever anyone says to you, at the end of the day all you have is yourself, so never feel ashamed of who you’ve become, and always be hungry to keep growing, keep learning.

Check out Queen Sir Jet's ALIVE!

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