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Joel Someone Is An Earnest Priest In Yes, Father’s Latest with James Manson


Bless Me Father, For I Am About To Sin.

There's a lot going on in "The Price of Envy," the latest offering from Yes, Father, the site dedicated to sexualizing the venerable institution of Catholicism. Yeah, like it wasn't super sexualized already. Also..."offering'...heh, see what I did there? Joel Someone is the priest this time around, and I swear, he's either one of the most inadvertently funny porn guys, or the best actor while fucking I've ever seen. When student James Manson admits to his jealousy when he comes across a schoolmate having sex with the Bishop, Someone gets him to admit to his sin...then succumb to it right there in the confessional. This scene is great, because it's endowed with several kinks: religion, older-on-younger, gloryholes (because what is a confessional screen if not a GH waiting to happen?!), verbal manipulation, suit-and-tie. In addition to the hot guys and hot sex, there's a sly humor that runs throughout; I'm sorry but the image of Manson's hand wringing confession while on the other side Someone, who speaks completely solemnly, has his big cock out whacking off is funny! And hot!

See? What'd I tell ya? Gloryhole!

When Manson admits to thinking impure thoughts about the Bishop, that's Someone's cue to remove the screen dividing them and stick his hard dick through. Manson takes no time in getting his hand wrapped around that girthy flesh, and getting it in his mouth, sliding his tender lips over it and sucking it down. He takes Someone's commands about how to handle it, how to grab the balls and stroke as he lets his priest's member plunge in and out of his face. "Stick your tongue out...smile...look at me...say 'Yes, Father.'" All of this verbiage adds verbal manipulation and dominance to the package...and what a package Someone is offering!

The Priest likes the taste of young cock.

Someone eventually joins Manson on his side of the partition where the two engage in some gentle kissing and more sucking and stroking before the older gent awakens the Kundalini in Manson, spreading his tight cheeks and shoving his bearded face in deep to lube and stretch his hole a bit with his tongue. When he stands to press his cock up Manson's ass, he does it with gentle reverence and caring, almost like he's in service to the young man, giving him what he needs. It's especially hot when Someone asks questions about what Manson saw the Bishop do to his classmate, talking about sex while he's engaged in sex. Someone has always been great at taking dirty talk to the next level. He's not satisfied with simple "OH FUCK, YEAH!" He uses language in a heightened way to enhance the eroticism.

Unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his gorgeous hair chest, he takes Manson in a couple different positions: on his back, and riding him reverse cowboy, letting us see every inch sliding in and out of his tight ass. You know how, despite creating characters for dialogue scenes, many porn performers still fuck and cum in the same manner fro scene to scene, movie to movie? They have a consistency to their on screen sex with little variance. Someone breaks that mold here by fucking and cumming in character! He finishes off in Manson's ass, shooting his cream deep inside, but when he does so he lets out a bellow and cry as if he's experiencing his own religious epiphany, mixed with guilt and shame and joy. Having seen him in several scenes, this is not his usual O-face, and it was fantastic to watch.

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