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Throwback Thursday Has a Remastered Falcon Classic: “The Other Side of Aspen”


The Other Side of Aspen is an undeniable classic in gay porn. You can read up on its history and impact here, but put simply, it was the first of its kind, and paved the way for what would become the benchmarks and standards of the film genre for decades. Released in 1978, it was Falcon Studios' first full-length film, the first to be widely released on VHS, ushering in a new gay market for home video, and the first to introduce cinema-quality filmmaking with its locations and use of dialogue scenes to weave a story. It cemented Al Parker and Casey Donovan as full-fledged stars. (Parker, lured from Falcon rival Colt Studios, would later form Surge Studios.)

Al Parker (on top) and Casey Donovan

For better or worse, it established the look of mainstream gay porn for years to come: softer, naturally athletic bodies, mostly smooth, free of tattoos. Healthy virility and cleanliness was the image they were going for, and this was before HIV/AIDS started hitting the industry. It started a trend away from its leather/kink predecessors in early Falcon 8mm loops, and especially veered from the Colt aesthetic of hyper-masculine ruggedness, which tried to embody Tom of Finland eroticism made flesh, which was coming to be deemed too seedy and sordid. An improvised fisting scene between Parker and Donovan was cut from the original release as it was considered too extreme, but reinstated in the 2002 re-release. Sex and outdoor scenes were filmed in Lake Tahoe, though the title refers to Aspen, which was a popular gay destination. Aspen was the first Colorado city to enact a non-discrimination policy in 1979. Dialogue scenes were filmed in San Francisco and edited into the sex scenes to create a coherent storyline wherein skiing instructor Jeff Turk tells about his sexcapades in Aspen to his friend Mike Flynn, using flashbacks to reveal the various sexual encounters before Turk and Flynn finish the film with their own coupling.

Dick Fisk (brunette) and Chad Benson (blonde)

Dick Fisk was a rising star at the time, and this film only catapulted him further. With his sweet-looking, mustachioed face, slender musculature and huge cock, he exemplified the newer look Falcon was going for. His scene partner, the equally handsome Chad Benson, pairs well with Fisk, contrasting with his blonde hair but equally large member. The two are magnificently hot together. They have an easy-going, guy next door vibe, but make an intense sexual connection for the film's first sex scene. It's a short scene, with the sex played out as we see Turk jogging through SF, his voice-over relating the events.

Fisk sucks Benson

Stripping off their clothes, their giant tools flopping out, they immediately get to the sucking as they coke down each other's long, thick dicks. They do an impressive job on each other, as both are quite stunningly endowed, but they're hungry for it. In a torrid 69, they force their meat deep down each other's throats, and arching their hips up further, they spread their asses wide for invading tongues to lap at and taste. When Fisk finally mounts Benson, it's with a grunting, manly lust free of artifice and posturing. He takes him like a happy dog with his bone, all thoughts coming straight from his crotch as he slides in and pumps away, Benson's legs high in the air, his back arched up as he takes Fisk's pole deep in his hole until he's jizzing buckets all over his taut belly, with Fisk soon adding to the creamy mess.

You can catch all the scenes from The Other Side of Aspen Remastered at Falcon Studios. Plug In, Get Off, Reminisce.

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