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White Trash Wednesday Returns With Some Sucking, and a Jerking Hardbody


Sometimes it takes a while to find the really worthwhile White Trash to present to you, so White Trash Wednesday was gone for a week or so. But it returns with some jacking and some sucking from hot, amateur, gay-but-the-pay-helps kinda guys. Like what you see? Just click on the site's banner to take you directly.

A Mutual Suck

Over at Str8Boyz Seduced, our guy Vinnie has straight boy Tony on his couch. Tony's lean-ish frame and thickly corded hairy legs are gorgeous to watch as his cock grows in Vinnie's hand and mouth. He has a real Jersey Shore look about him with his gold chain and slicked back hair, but we ain't judging. He's got a nice fat tool that fills Vinnie's mouth nicely. and, surprise surprise, he doesn't mind having a cock in his hand and mouth either! So maybe not so straight? Vinnie notices that Tony is watching him give him head; normally the guys stare straight ahead watching the porn, ignoring that it's dude between their legs. When Vinnie pulls out his own hard cock and starts jacking, he gets the nod from Tony to join him on the couch and smash erections together. That's when Tony takes Vinnie's in hand, then leans over to get a taste. It doesn't last long, but this is a rarity for Vinnie's boys, so good on him! Of course, Vinnie returns to his knees as the straight porn plays and gets a mouthful of cream.

Jock Jacks

Defiant Boyz gives us the return of Tommy D, a handsome blonde jock kinda bro who loves jacking for the camera. It's a basic scene as he rubs his thick tasty tool, sometimes getting up to show off his ass. But what Tommy also loves doing is talking dirty to the camera...to you. "You like that cock? Wanna suck my dick?" This verbal barrage seems to get him off as much as he thinks it'll get you off, until he's fiercely jacking a thick creamy load all over his taut belly.

Southern Bubba Strokes

Buck might not be the prettiest belle of the ball at Workin' Men XXX, but he's a fun, laid-back, nice fella who loves jacking for guys who go for his style. He's described as being a quick wit with a great sense of humor, and that's a good turn on for most people. A carpenter by trade, he's of true Southern blue collar stock with his sexy drawl, tightey whities, and can of Bud in his hand and his hard dick in the other. I love how he plays with and tastes his pre-cum before shooting a huge strong spray over his hairy torso.

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