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Johnny Rapid’s Revamped Site Celebrates With a Sale and a “Pervy Pool Party”


MOM! Johnny Threw a Bucket of Bears In the Pool Again!

Johnny Rapid, nominated for a 2022 Cybersocket Award for Cam Performer of the Year, has his new, revamped and retooled site up, and it looks to be a great start to some serious summer fun, with lots of new content ready to view, and plans for much more. You can take advantage of their launch sale going on now, and check out the latest scene, "Pervy Pool Party." It's a testosterone-drenched orgy of epic proportions, giving you everything from seasoned muscle bears Colby Jansen (swoon!) and Draven Navarro (nominated in the Best Group Scene category) to tall and lean ginger Christian Wilde and dark-haired hottie Mason Lear. It's like Rapid threw a party for all his Daddy buddies, and damn, that would have been a party to attend! While I may be a tad put off that Navarro is going shaved and hairless this time around, I'm sure he'll get back to his sense and let his full masculinity out for next time.

(L-R) Navarro, Jansen, Lear, Wilde, Rapid

To be honest, there's not a huge amount I can write about this scene, because it's pretty much as much sweaty, masculine, fun in the sun as you can imagine. It's like Mardi Grasyou kinda have to experience it on your own, and a verbal or written description can't do it justice. It's a giant pile of ever-shifting hot bods, holes getting taken, hips thrusting hard cocks in and out of asses and mouths, guys taking a break in the water before jumping back into the action.

Rapid is a personable, easy-going vers young man who gets fucked by everyone in the room. He looks amazing as one furry daddy takes his hole in a variety of ways. But what makes it all so enjoyable is not just watching him, but watching everyone as a collective. When he's getting ass plowed by Lear, I love also watching Navarro having his humpy, beefy butt get owned by former rugby star Jansen, who is a Bear Daddy to end all Bear Daddies! His thick, muscular form, softly festooned with body hair and tattoos is just gorgeous, pumping away at Navarro's smooth ass. Navarro's another vers guy and he gets to jump between the top and bottom bunks throughout the proceedings.

Wilde and Lear pretty much keep to the top position, except when they have a hot cock in their mouth, and everyone gets a cock or two in their mouth at some point! Jansen, of course, looks extra special when he's got a hard pole sliding in and out of his face, but although he does bottom now and again, we'll keep him on top for now.

Wilde, Rapid and Jansen

A lot of the action all leads up to some special DP action with Rapid's tender hole getting double plugged by Jansen and Wilde, and by Jansen and Lear. I can only imagine what it was like for Rapid to lay back against Jansen's broad, muscular chest, feeling and smelling his manliness below him, his thick dick in his hole as Wilde's long member slipped in next to Jansen's. Filled to the brim! And when the cum sprays start flying? Forget about it!

Plug In and Get Off at JohnnyRapid.com and take advantage of their launch sale now! And don't forget to vote for your favorites at CybersocketAwards.com.

Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected].

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