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Falcon Knows Your Love of Skyy Knox Is Boundless, So They Bring You “Top 10 Skyy Knox Scenes”


Let's face it, Skyy Knox has a stunning body. Long, tightly muscular with pounds of taut muscles on top of more taut muscles, and a set of abs that are not of this world clearly visibly for his lack of body hair. Granted, yer boy Hank here goes more for the rounded, "softly muscled" and hirsute variety of dude, but I can appreciate a gym-toned body as much as the next guy. And damn, has Knox been putting in work at the gym! Being a prolific versatile performer he gets to fuck around with some of the hottest in the business, either taking dick or giving dick, and he looks amazing whether he's on the top bunk or the bottom, sometimes bareback, sometime with condoms. So Falcon Studios has rewarded him with presenting "Top 10 Skyy Knox Scenes" to give you a taste of all this guy has to offer. And what's great is that there are links in the video description to take you to the full scenes, so you have plenty of material to "appreciate" Knox's talent to.

"A Taste of Brazil" pairs Knox with Joaquim Cruze, a stunning adonis who pumps Knox's ass in a gorgeous beach house setting. If you like to see your men sun-kissed and stripping out of beachwear, then this one's for you! These two are picture perfect as Knox's ass is ridden before he takes Cruze's cream to the mouth.

"Max In the City" has Max Adonis flip-fucking with Knox as the two neighbors get to know each other. Knox is getting a run-down of what to do in the neighborhood as he runs his hand erotically down Adonis' back, pulling down the back of this pants to expose the top of his cute, furry ass...and the two are off and running. Adonis gets his crack licked and fingered before it's filled with Knox's pole. And that was all good enough, but then things get interesting and Knox is spreading his taut buns for Adonis' dick as the twink-with-chest-hair drives into Knox's backside and rides him until he's shooting his jizz over Knox's face.

"Love and Lust In Montreal" finds Knox pairing up with Logan Styles, a Bradley Cooper-looking fucker with a beefy bro bod and long thick slab of Canadian bacon. It's a pretty basic scene, but damn do they look all kinds of pretty together as Knox worship's Styles' dick before sitting down on it, eventually eating his cum load.

"Earthbound - Heaven To Hell 2" is another hot flip-fuck with Brent Corrigan, an angel who helps Knox's Rogue break his enslavement to the Devil as he attempts to become earthbound. Mmmmmm....okaaayyyyyy...Ridiculous premises aside, it's a great scene bathed in moonlight, sweat, and eventually their jizz as they go round and round, sucking each other's ample pipes before laying pole in each others' hole. 

Corrigan and Knox

Josh Moore, that suave, handsome Brit, takes Knox's hole in "Casual Connections" in a most vigorous manner. Hi uncut tool works over his ass until he's absolutely spent and the two are spewing in each other's mouths. But the takeaway here is: Moore loves eating a tight asshole!

"Zack and Jack Make a Porno" not only has the distinction of referencing a Kevin Smith movie with its title (a big plus for me), it also brings Knox together with handsome Brit Woody Fox in a humorous turn as a pissy French porn actor throwing a hissy fit on set, calmed down only by getting royally pummeled by Fox's therapeutic cock.

Arad Winwin is a muscular hunk of beef in "Bareback Ranch." His look is dark and sultry and the two look amazing as they suck and fuck in the great desert outdoors. Kudos to Knox for allowing to be taken in what had to be a truly uncomfortable position: on his back, stuck through the opening, laying across the rung of a wooden ladder. YOUCH! But he's a pro and takes it like a rockstar.

"Love and Lust in Montreal" Okay, here's where I might sound a tad critical. Knox, Devin Franco, and Steven Lee create a threesome of uniformly handsome and muscular porn studs that is equally a turn-on, and bit freaky in its homogeneity. When they form a hot fuck chain, they're kinda like gay naked fem-bots, fucking and slaying for Dr. Evil. I'm reminded of the Joe Jackson line "Pretty boys, on my TV screen..." But damn do they look homogeneously good though.

Buddies Knox, Derek Thibeau and Trent King are out fishing in "Into the Woods," but hey, fishing is boring, and they don't know how to sing Sondheim. So they fuck instead, getting into a torrid threesome right there beside the water. It's rugged and manly-looking and Thibeau looks especially viral in the great outdoors as he gets to power fuck both Knox and King. The three form a fantastic fuck chain, and Knox always looks great getting dick from both ends.

(L-R) Thibeau, King, Knox

Finally we have "The Chalet," where Knox and Peter Annaud fuck while on a skiing trip. While Annaud might not be as defined and ripped and model-gorgeous as many of the other men presented here, that actually works better, because he stands out in a crowd. He's a bit more slender, but he's hauling a nicely thick slab between his legs that makes Knox gag and sputter before it splits him in twain.

Plug In and Get Off with Knox and all his friends at Falcon Studios!

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