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Five Men At Play In Two Scenes Wearing Their Finest Suits. Fuck…Yes.


Men At Play, the site featuring hot Euro Muscle Bears in dapper duds has been nominated for Paysite of the Year for the upcoming 2022 Cybersocket Awards, coming in late May! So I'm giving you a peek at the hotness they have to offer. You nominated them, now go vote at CybersocketAwards.com. As if that wasn't exciting enough, Men At Play is having an Easter sale until May 20th, offering $9.99/month FOR LIFE! Now, check out these scenes.

Suits and Ties and Leather, Oh My!

What's better than a man in a suit? A man half-way out of his suit. And what's better than a man half-way out of his suit? Three men halfway out of their suits! With leather gear! In a public play club! In "Cruising At Club-X" we find hot daddies Nicholas Bardem and D. Dan, along with younger stud John Brachalli, getting it on in a suit and tie and leather kink pile-up that shows why old fashioned cruising and public play needs to make a return to vogue!

Brachalli is cruising the halls of the club looking for action with his long, thick, uncut cock out and swinging for all to see. Sauntering up in his suit, Bardem hauls out his own meat and forces the younger man to his knees, where he promptly and hungrily services the older gent; swallowing his length down in one fell swoop, doing the most with what maybe be little time, so he wants to get as much action in as possible. Bardem is equally horned up and raring to go, turning Brachalli around to eat his furry hole before he stands and presses the tip of his flared head against his asshole, and shoving every inch he's got deep inside, taking the young man aggressively against the wall.

Dan has been watching it all from shadows and steps forward to tap Brachalli out, kneeling to get a taste of Bardem for himself. The two suited gentlemen are fucking fine as hell as their hot beefy bods bulge out of the finery as their poles get worked.

(L-R) Brachalli, Bardem and Dan

Finding Brachalli, the two men bring him in for a torrid threesome that leaves no hole unattended for any length of time. Bardem is especially enticing as he piggishly gets on all fours to take his new buddies from both ends, filling his holes with pumping, dropping man-meat until the cum starts spraying.

There's Nothing Like DILF Meat

In "DILF: Editor's Cut," Antonio Miracle is a socialite throwing an important party. When the catering company comes up one waiter short, Miracle insists that event coordinator Robbie Rojo fill in. Giving him a skills test, which includes stripping, Miracle likes what he sees and takes advantage of the Latino cutie to get his full money's worth. He gruffly manhandles the young man, running his hands energetically over his body, turning him around, checking out what's down the back of his pants, liking all he sees. Pulling Rojo in for a torrid kiss, he pushes him down and hauls out his impressive cock. Seriously, are all these guys over there hung with baby arms? Long, asshole-stretchingly thick with tasty foreskin at the tip, Rojo swallows it down the best he can, gagging and sputtering as he works that shaft over to get it ready for his hole

You'd lick your lips too if you were presented with that!

Turning him around and bending him over, Miracle sticks his handsome bearded face deep between Rojo's butt-cheeks to get a taste of what he's getting, lapping at his crack and tongue-fucking deep before he stands; and, with the ego of the guy in a suit holding the checkbook, slams himself into Rojo's backside, making the bottom wince and groan as he quickly ramps up to a proper pummeling, pumping his hips back and forth as his cock invades that ass. On his back, Rojo's legs are spread wide to offer up his ass and cock for Miracle's enjoyment until the boss is spewing his spunk over Rojo's torso.

Plug In and Get Off at Men At Play and take advantage of their awesome sale! And don't forget to vote!

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