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With These Two Scenes, Twinky Jack Andram Knows It’s Just As Much Fun Giving As Receiving


Is it better to give, or to receive? The answer, if you're asking slender twink Jack Andram, is "Yes." In these two scenes, from Masonic Boys and Twink Top, our young hero gets to take a hot daddy cock in an office, and later, fuck his burly bear of coach. Nice work, if you can get it! Like what you see? Click on either of the site banners to take you directly to Plug In and Get Off, and take advantage of the 50% off Spring Sale each sight is having until the 21st!

First some suit and tie sex.

Over at Masonic Boys, Andram is called to the office of Grandmaster Figata for some counseling in "Apprentice Andram Ch. 2: The Calling." Of course, when it comes to religion, that means, Let me get in your head so I can fuck you." This is top notch daddy/boy porn because of Figata's demeanor as he takes immediate control of Andram both verbally and physically. He's slightly imposing, almost threatening in his nature as he swoops in on the young man, saying "I know your true nature." Is that bad? Good? Andram doesn't know. But he knows he's not resisting when the older man silently pulls him up by his tie, kisses him, gropes him, undresses him. He stares him dead in the eyes, almost daring the kid to resist or get turned on, so he's immobile as the older man has his way.

Commanded to get on all fours on the desk, he's unable to resist Figata' ministrations as he's touched, rubbed, fingered and probed. His cheeks are spread wide and Figata plants his face in deep for some thorough, invasive ass eating as his lengthening cock is stroked slowly down between his thighs. The man's tongue and hands feel too good to not give in. Told to remove his belt, Andram slips the belt off the older man and rubs his long thick daddy meat hiding under his formal underthings. On his knees, he takes the length of Figata's turgid member in his mouth and does as he's told, whether stroke his shaft, or lick his balls, or open wide.

Bent over the desk, Andram submits to Figata's thick, wide cockhead pressing insistently against his tight hole until his master is all the way in, breathlessly sliding in and out as he takes the young boy, gently at first and then with gruffer masculinity. Laid out on his back, Andram opens wide as Frigata pumps and pummels, working up to a frothy spewing of jizz he then stuffs back in the kid to breed him with.


Or If You Prefer, Something Sporty

Besides taking a dick, Andram also knows how to give a good dicking in "Extra Innings" at Twink Top. Draven Navarro is his beefy hirsute coach who takes a bit too close of an interest in his players, both on and off the field. As he assists his player with some sit-ups, he brings the kid in for a deep wet kiss, and his lust is boiling over. Coach Navarro is a big ol' bottom bear slut who is quickly sniffing his player's hard-on through his jockstrap before he's expertly taking its girthy shaft down his throat to get the kid worked up. He gets sucked a bit, but, he's such a bottom whore, he's soon straddling Andram's bat and sliding down on it as he whines and groans like a horny little bitch begging for every inch. He looks great in a reverse cowboy as his dark-skinned hairiness bounces up and down on that thick pole before he's laying on his back to take it even deeper.

With his legs up and spread, his beefy buns takes every stabbing inch of Andram's dick as the kid works himself up while Navarro reaches and apex as he jacks himself. He's just about to cum...and Andram denies him! Taking his hand away, he shifts a bit and continues his pegging of his coach until his body tenses and Navarro begs, "Please cum in my hole!" How can Andram not oblige? And he pumps his milk deep in Navarro's furry butt.

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