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Foreign Fuckers, Bottoms Who Eat, and Drunk Boyfriends: This week’s Ask Chad!


Heyyyy Bitches!

So here in SoCal we had a heat wave this last weekend. PURRRFECT! I unpacked my booty shorts, went commando, and headed out to Weho. Problem is, COVID hasn't been that kind with all the Postmates I've ordered so they didn't fit like they used to. The only good bulge was my VPL. Also, my booty has taken some of the added thickness so that's not all bad. But, back to the gym I go! No joke, there's new signs at the gym that say no hookups in the sauna. Can that be considered a hate crime?

This week y'all sent over some serious questions. I answer any and all questions, so in deep I went! With glitter of course. Send me your questions and dick pics to [email protected]keep them cumming!

Here's what was on your mind this week, check out what I had to say!

Dear Chad,

I am sick of having to watch what I eat when I know I’m going to bottom for my husband. I’m a foodie but don’t have the best digestion and sometimes there are issues. But we go out for meals a lot and I always have to eat a goddamn salad or restrict what I really want to eat. It sucks. Help.

- Bottom Feeding

Hey Chad!

My boyfriend drinks A LOT! At first, it was cute cause we’d get trashed together, but now things are different. I have to get up early for my new lawyer job and he’s always hungover or stays up at night causing issues with his drinking. The neighbors are starting to complain about his late night noises AND he has also started getting VERY flirty with other boys when he’s had too much to drink. What can I do?

- Vodka Victim

Dear Chad,

I wanted to be out but couldn’t because it was illegal in my country (Nigeria). If they caught you, you will be punished by law. But I wanted to know if you can help me, how do I go about finding a partner?

- Yahya from Nigeria

Until next week, Sluts!




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