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A Raye Of Sunshine This Spring at the White Party: See the UK Sensation Headlining the 2022 Palm Springs White Party


One of the first big destination-style gay events I went to when I was living in LA was the infamous White Party in Palm Springs, California. I had only heard lore, but I knew that there would be tons of hot men, dancing, all the booze and drugs I could want (mainly because I brought all the booze and drugs I could want), and some sort of music act. And of course, the golden rule, you should be wearing all white to the events. The Party has a history of getting solidly big music actsperformers who are still young in their career to be sure. The year I went, a still up-and-coming Ariana Grande was headlining. At that point, “Yours Truly” had JUST come out but we were still years away from Ariana licking a donut and putting it back without paying. But in that moment, I realized that the White Party was an event that was ahead of the curve. They knew booking Ariana would please the gays the same way it pleased us when JLo headlined or when Lady Gaga headlined. I was lucky enough to have press passes, so I got to watch Ariana perform from right up against the stage in front of the guard railI was in heaven. Well, this year, the White Party (April 29th – May 1st) has announced that the Saturday headline performer will be none other than young pop sensation from the UK, Raye. Let’s take a look at why that’s very exciting to us!

Raye first broke out in the scene back in 2017 the same way many do: by being a featured artist. She was featured on Jonas Blue’s “By Your Side,” as well as Jax Jones’ “You Don’t Know Me.” Both achieved certified Platinum status, and “Bed” made it to #3 on the UK Singles Chart. This was Raye's highest charting single as a lead artist on the UK Singles Chart. From here she then came in third place for the BBC’s annual “Sound Of…” award behind Ray BLK (1st) and Rag’n’Bone Man (2nd).

Then the world collapsed and we needed to really feel ourselves. We needed some music that reminded us it’s okay to feel our emotions heavily and deeply, and Raye’s “Euphoric Sad Songs” (November 2020) was just the salve for those who heard it. It became a smash hit in Europe, and she would go on to collab with David Guetta and Joel Corry. Listen…that’s all well and good…but that’s England. We left those tea-baggers back in 1776, ya know? I mean...please. It’s David Guetta. It’s not like she’s collaborating with Beyonce. Actually…she is. Raye was the co-writer of/backup vocals on “Bigger” from Beyonce’s, “The Lion King: The Gift,” the concept album that supplemented the soundtrack to the Oscar-nominated movie. It was a critical success, with Slate calling it, “…the event the movie wishes it could be."

Though Raye released her single “Bed” with Guetta and Corry in 2021, there’s one more big step any artist needs to do: go out onto their own. Raye announced on social media in 2021 that she would be parting ways with her record label, Polydor Records. According to Raye, Polydor has been holding back her solo studio album for years and that it was time to break out onto her own so she could release it. They did leave on very respectable terms, however, and I appreciate that in a business that is often cutthroat and litigious.


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So, why do we love her so much? Well, first, she’s just incredibly talented. Her music is ethereal, catchy, and gets you moving. She is also a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, which is more important now than ever. At a 2018 Pride event, Raye said, “I think it's ridiculous that [being gay] is still illegal in a lot of placesI think that's disgusting.” Her IG also said, “happy pride my angels. #loveislove.” She is also quick to tweet about her support for the Queer community, and also performed at 2021's Youth Pride in NYC. We love an ally, especially one who is part of the soundtrack to our liberation. And we love being your angels, Raye! But at the White Party...we plan on being fallen angels to the sound of your voice!

I can’t wait to see what comes of Raye’s studio album, and I really can’t wait to see Raye perform! If history repeats itself (which we know it does), Raye’s White Party performance has the potential to be one of the best shows of the Spring. Will you be at the White Party this year? Let us know! We’d love to see you there, and maybe we can make-out at the Raye concert. If you need any, I’ll have all the booze and weed you could want.

Tickets and information for this year's White Party can be found at www.WhitePartyGlobal.com

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